View Full Version : XJ Cherokee Write-Ups

  1. Poor man KC HID spot lights
  2. ZJ seat swap
  3. DIY: Adapting a Renix TPS onto an HO throttle body.
  4. DIY Heavy Duty Motor Mounts
  5. Simple quick disconnect for approx 0-3" of lift (ymmv)
  6. Rear Fender Trimming (Cut and Weld)
  7. Rusty Quarter Panel Cut and Fold
  8. Forward leaf spring nut/bolt fix.
  9. 97+ Sticky Rear Hatch Latch Fix
  10. Removable Door Mod (Adding mirrors in 5 Mins *Made Easy*)
  11. Shackle bolt weld-nut "spinning free"... here's the fix.
  12. How to put ZJ Power Seats in a Pre-97 Jeep Cherokee
  13. ABS Delete Write-Up
  14. Quick and easy way to drain radiator
  15. Easy Fix for Broken J-Bolts
  16. 97 and later heater core replacement
  17. Rear Main Seal Replacement
  18. The right way to install a manual switch for your e-fan
  19. How to fit a 31" spare in the back of 97-01
  20. Replacing wheel bearings on early XJ 2wd front spindles
  21. Pop XJ hood without hood release cable
  22. How to Install a Factory Extended Idle Switch
  23. Chevy lowering shackle from Autozone as XJ lift shackle
  24. Reinforce/repair rear uniframe hitch mount area
  25. 97-01 Master Window Switch
  26. How to Give Your 97+ XJ More Factory Toggle Switch Slots
  27. Windshield Wiper Motor Removal/Bushing Replacement
  28. Molle Pouches for In Cabin Cubby Space
  29. Fixing rear hatch latch 97+
  30. Electric Fan Assembly Replacement
  31. Installing a Gentex Compass/Temp/Auto-dim mirror
  32. Hood Vent Install
  33. The RIGHT way to upgrade your 97-01 Headlight Harness w/Fog Lights
  34. Mercedes Ambient Temp Display in an 91 XJ/MJ Clock
  35. Rear seat WJ head rest mod
  36. Pre-97 Cupholder Solution
  37. Durango Steering Box Swap. (Simplified)
  38. The CF Neutral Safety Switch (N.S.S.) Refresh How-To
  39. Beef up your clutch pedal before it snaps!
  40. How-To: Wire A Trailer Wiring Plug
  41. 10x2.5" drums on an XJ
  42. Spare Tire: Interior
  43. Throttle body and IAC cleaning
  44. Free Intake Upgrade for XJs
  45. Checking for a cracked flexplate
  46. Leaky Fuel Line to Fuel Rail Replacement/Fix
  47. How to REALLY clean your carpet
  48. No Lift Shackle Relocation Boxes by HD Offroad
  49. RuffStuff Frame Stiffeners (XJ)
  50. Roof Lights made simple Write Up
  51. Amp and Sub wiring
  52. Replacing a Headlight Switch
  53. Roundies in an XJ
  54. Painting Fender Flares (without removing them!)
  55. Cruiser54's mostly Renix Tips
  56. Renix C101 Delete
  57. waterpump replacement 4.0
  58. Broke your rear shock mounting bolts? Easy replacement guide.
  59. Factory dashclock installation (Without OEM harness)
  60. Putco headlight wire harness install
  61. 97+ XJ doorless mod with "drop-in" adjustment
  62. Flaring new brake lines
  63. Now ALL model XJ LED Blinker light bar
  64. Instrument panel removal and bulb replacement
  65. $100 or less Homemade Fender Flares
  66. 5-prong relay-style LED flasher conversion
  67. XJ Fender Flare bracket repair
  68. Angry Eyes with Vinyl Sheeting
  69. Electric/ Auxillary Fan Override switch
  70. Under lights, LED strips
  71. How to fix broken crossmember/transfer case spacer bolt/studs
  72. Complete Hub Assembly Swap
  73. door plugs for removable doors
  74. Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
  75. Oil filter adapter o-ring
  76. D35 to C8.25 Swap w/ SYE and ZJ Disc Brake Conversion
  77. How-to Fix Flexplate Knocking
  78. How to install a fire extinguisher in your boot....
  79. Automatic Transmission removal
  80. Homebrew LED front turn signals ('84-'96)
  81. Custom DRL write up
  82. ZJ 136A alternator into 4.0 RENIX XJ.
  83. Fog Light Switch Repair
  84. Installing a "Body Guard"/partition
  85. Flag Holder
  86. Trunk latch not opening/sticking
  87. Replacing hood latch cable on 2001 XJ
  88. Clock Spring replacement 98+
  89. xj stock front bumper trim and mod
  90. Swapping your leaf springs (and broken shock bolts) tutorial
  91. Push Start button Mod W/ or W/O Key
  92. 7x6 H4 LeD Halo headlights
  93. Locating an electrical short.
  94. shock mount mod
  95. How to replace the Blower Motor WITHOUT removing the A/C refrigerant!!!
  96. Chrysler 8.25 Bearing & Seal Instalation
  97. Lower Control Arm Caster Shim Template
  98. Injector Swap for the 4.0L
  99. E brake relocation
  100. A/C pump converted to OBA (renix 4.0)
  101. Removable XJ doors done easy (and cheap)
  102. RC Shackle Relocation Brackets
  103. No paint door trim restoration
  104. LIght Conversion Guide
  105. Rear Quarter Pannel Replacement
  106. 87-98 for 99-01 starter conversion/starter replacement write up
  107. Fixing the "No Bus" message on gauge cluster
  108. How to fix the power window lock switch
  109. Durango Gear Box / ZJ Steering Bar Swap Afterthoughts
  110. brighter/ conversion relay harness
  111. Installing Detours A~Pillar Light Brackets-
  112. XJ tie rod upgrade.
  113. How oil pressure works.
  114. 97+ 4.0l High Idle Switch
  115. Jeep Cherokee Exhaust Manifold Replacement (91-98)
  116. Non-Fuel/Spark-related / NO CRANK diagnostics
  117. Homemade Posi Lock
  118. Grand Cherokee front/rear seat swap for 95+ XJ's
  119. Cooling System Upgrade
  120. How To Install a Lunchbox Locker (lots of pics)
  121. Rough Country L/A Bushing Replacement
  122. Center Console Removal & Wobble Fix
  123. Door Lock Actuator Mod (overhaul)
  124. How to replace the drum brakes on your Chrysler 8.25
  125. WJ Control Arms on a XJ (Write-Up)
  126. Rear ZJ disc brakes to Cherokee XJ Chrysler 8.25
  127. Diagnose Your Death Wobble
  128. Plexi-glass Rear Side Window
  129. How to tub out your rear fenders
  130. How to remove your seat fabric for machine washing
  131. Roof rack fix
  132. how to hook 2 way toggle to elec fan
  133. RENIX/H.O. HYBRID with 99+ intake... yes it is possible and yes its that easy!!
  134. ZJ seats to Older Cherokee with 2 door modification
  135. how to change drum brakes (d35)
  136. trimming fenders
  137. xj front pinion seal replacement
  138. Hood Induction How to
  139. Steering colum tear down and repairs
  140. Free D30 CAD Bypass (-91)
  141. Squeal? Try this...
  142. Fix Part Time light on np231
  143. HVAC operation and problems
  144. arm rest outlet mod
  145. auto dim mirror retro with temp and compass
  146. Cherokee Slider Plans
  147. Window regulator & door lock replacement
  148. Steering colum removal
  149. Dash removal
  150. Rough Country 4.5" LA write-up
  151. Hood vent rain pans
  152. Shifter Boot Repair and Rebuild
  153. How-To: ZJ Skid on 97+ XJ
  154. How-To: Rebuild 97+ XJ fog lamp switch
  155. Rear yoke u-bolt conversion
  156. Mounting Stock Jeep Center Caps To Aftermarket Steel Wheels
  157. 96-04 Mustang GT Intake Mod
  158. Hood Pin Write-up
  159. 31s trimming fenders Fixing Rust spots.
  160. 84 to 94 drivers side seat replacement
  161. V8 ZJ Swaybar onto an XJ/MJ
  162. Detour's Backbone Installation Write-up
  163. Jeep Cherokee 2000 4.0L - Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor
  164. RENIX Vacuum Bottle Relocation
  165. Fuel pump replacement.
  166. Renix Sensors
  167. AW4 Transmission Adjustments
  168. Renix Downloads
  169. Stroker's
  170. Retrofit from R12 to 134A
  171. Manually lock your Torque Converter (TC)
  172. WJ Grand Cherokee Master Cylinder and Booster Upgrade How-To
  173. Loose steering column repair/feels like tilt broke
  174. HD Headlight Harness write up
  175. Submitting a Write-Up
  176. Tire Carrier Bumper Budget Build
  177. C-Rok Inner Steering Support Brace
  178. Custom Width HP44 Build and Tech
  179. Simple wheel painting guide
  180. Howto: Remove rear swaybar
  181. Liberty KJ rear disc brakes to Cherokee XJ 8.25" Conversion
  182. Basic Front Brakes
  183. The Mystery of the Vacuum Disconnect Dana 30
  184. How to: ignition tune up
  185. Cherokee and Comanche Stock Specs
  186. Serpentine Belt How To
  187. How to: Replace rear pinion seal
  188. Testing the CPS
  189. RC Drop Bracket Installation
  190. Replacing the Fuel Filter 1996 and lower
  191. How to Relocate your Track Bar.
  192. Durango Steering Box Upgrade
  193. How to Change U-joints on a Dana 30
  194. water pump write up
  195. RC Adjustable Shackle installation writeup
  196. HP30 Information/Upgrades
  197. Chrysler 8.25 Gear Install
  198. XJ Brake upgrade
  199. XJ Boatside Rockers
  200. How To: wiring up aftermarket lights on the bumper and roof
  201. D30 differential cover swap writeup
  202. HD diff cover install
  203. 231 AA HD SYE install
  204. Budget AirBox Mod & IAT Relocation
  205. Your cherokee power window not working! (look here)
  206. Sway Bar Axle Pin Removal
  207. Cutting rear fenders
  208. Helpful Renix Links
  209. Motor Mounts/Oil Filter Adapter RENIX
  210. S10 Springs "Bastard Pack"
  211. 8.8 Swap Write-up
  212. How To Install Pads On a D30 *Writeup*
  213. C4x4 Tow Hook Installation Writeup
  214. Airbox Mod
  215. How To Install A Transfer Case Drop On An XJ *All Read*
  216. How To Install A Lift On A XJ *All Read*
  217. Every XJ Lift *All Read*