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Your cherokee power window not working! (look here)

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Default Your cherokee power window not working! (look here)

Well to start off my power window on my passenger side on my 98 XJ 4-door wasn't working. I could here the motor running but it didn't move.

So i searched around for some solutions to fixing this problem. And about the only option you have is to get a new regulator and motor together. Which is anywhere from $100.00 to $200.00 per window. This is absurd when the motor still works. I knew there had to be a cheap fix. So i searched for alternative fixes and came up with the Steiger Performance fix.
See here: http://www.steigerperformance.com/
I thought $40-50 dollars was expensive too. Cause us jeep guys like to save money where we can.

I ran across a website where a guy fixed the window himself using cotter pins. I figured i would try that route. For under $1.00 and some tools and about 2 hours time. I could have a working power window.
Here is the website i found.

I am in no way trying to duplicate that guy's website. I am doing this from my experience of fixing my own power window.

First off tools needed.
10 mm open end wrench
12 mm open end wrench
Chisel or cut off wheel
PB blaster or WD-40
Some Tape
Phillips head screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver
Drill and Drill bits

Parts Needed
2- 3/32 x 1 1/2 cotter pin or a 1" will work also.

Now the fun begins.

Step 1: Take out the Four Phillips head screws holding the door panel on.
(3 large in the armrest and one small by the door handle)

Step 2: Pull the panel off. It has white interior clips on the back side that just pop right out. Then you need to unplug the wiring to the door unlock switch and power window switch. Also disconnect the rods for the door unlock button and the rod that opens the door by the handle.

Step 3: Then after the door panel is off. Remove the white vapor cover. Be careful it has black adhesive and it really nasty to get on your clothes.

Step 4: You can now see the vertical track and the motor assembly. Take out the the bolts holding the vertical track in. 1 on top and 2 at the bottom. All 10mm bolts. And pull down on the window about 1/2 way and tape it there so you can easily access the window bracket itself. and take the (2) 10mm bolts out. Now the window can easily fall if it's not taped. Take the tape off and then push the window all the way back up and then tape it off again.

Step 5 : Then loosen the power window motor 3 nuts (10mm) and start by pulling the vertical track out along with the window motor and regulator. Then unplug the power window.

Step 6: Grab a beer.
By now you should have this laying on the ground in front of you.
Name:  regulator.jpg
Views: 1401
Size:  51.5 KB

Step 7: Next you want to bend down the tab at the bottom of the track. And roll the window bracket off from the bottom. Then you need to examine the piece.
Name:  Windowbracket.jpg
Views: 1228
Size:  31.1 KB

Step 8: Take the bracket to a workbench. Mark where the plastic teeth on both sides of the bracket with a sharpie or magic marker. FYI:Here is a picture of the stripped teeth.
Name:  StrippedTeeth.jpg
Views: 1196
Size:  43.8 KB

Step 9: Mark the piece and cut the plastic off just off to the side of the teeth. Then you need to drill two holes in the bracket where the teeth used to be.

Step 10: Now use the power window switch on the door panel to run the worm gear out the bottom of the track some appx 2-3 inches. I used a Map Gas torch and burned off some the fuzz that is inside the worm gear to get the cotter pins to sit all the way down in there.

Step 11: Then i took my 2 cotter pins and placed around the worm gear about 1/2 apart. And one at the very end. And then placed them in the window track bracket were we drilled the holes. bend them over as flush as possible.

Step 12: Using your power window switch again feed the worm gear and bracket back on to the vertical track. Spray the track down with PB or WD-40 to ensure it's lubed well. Then bend the bottom of the track back into place. Run the window switch up and down to ensure they are working properly.

Step 13: Grab another beer or two if needed.

Step 14: Then re-assemble in reverse order of my directions. Before putting the door panel and vapor cover on double or even triple check the operation of the window. It should be smooth and not dragging. Check your other windows for reference of how fast they roll up.

Step 15: Grab one more beer. And put the door panel back on to finish up the job. Congrats you just saved yourself anywhere from 100-200 dollars.
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