31s trimming fenders Fixing Rust spots.

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Default 31s trimming fenders Fixing Rust spots.

This whole thing got started one day when I was at a buddys house helping him work on his mud truck. He was putzin around and I was getting bored so I thought what the heck Ill see how rusty my fenders are under those fender flares. I started with the drivers rear corner and was imediately confronted by the snap of rusted fender flare bolts. I was not the least bit suprised being that the vehicle has lived in Minnesota for almost as long as I have. However I got nervous when all that was left of the brackets was dust crumbling in my hands. By the way to remove the fender flares you can use a deep 10mm 1/4 drive socket and a 10mm combination wrench. The following is the cancer I uncovered and what I decided to do.

A spot at the top of the drivers rear

The drivers front

Luckily the front had mostly surface rust. I was planning to put 31s on once I saved enough money for a lift because I had traded some parts for a full set a couple years ago. I had also been considering going without flares because I like the look of it. So I decided to try and fit my 31s with just trimming since I had no money for a lift.

To start I removed the bumper endcaps and taped off where I wanted to cut

Remove the inner fenders, I also decided to trim off the front drop down portion like the new body styles

Check to see how it will look with the endcaps on.

To cut I used a jigsaw. I felt this would give me the best control for the corners and still have a good edge. You can also use stuff like and angle grinder cut-off wheel, an air cut-off tool or nibbler depending what suits your style of destruction.

Jig saw and a T118A HSS (high speed steel) blade with great results. Cant remember how many teeth per inch but just use a fine steel blade and you should be good. Also note that if you are using a jig saw with elleptical motion you will have better control with the elliptical turned off. This is because the elliptical motion pulls the saw farward making it harder to do smooth corners.

Chop Away

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Now to fix the rust. first get down to bare metal. Gotta love cheap ToolShop wire wheels

Then hit it with self etching primer.

Slap on a little filler where the metal was pitted.

Sand and sand and sand. I had some pinholes and sanding scratches but I dont really care cause im gonna prime it then go beat it through the woods anyways. Use primer sealer if your not finish painting right away.

Those are 215 75 15s if your wondering

Now for the otherside


Problem solved. Got it for 38.50 at the JY and now I dont have to listen to that dang power antenna no more.

Sorry I dont have pics of changing it. I was home from college for my birthday and 10 mins from home my tranny cooler line rubbed through on the flex part. That weekend I threw the fender on when since I was wrenchin anyways and didnt have time to take pics.

Note Its masked and ready to trim.

Better pictures of finished product to come. As of now I have 31s on with no lift and the only place they rub is on the Lower control arms in front.
Part 2 will include the a new approach to trimming the rear fenders. Stay tuned

I also am running without inner fenders and bumper caps till winter hits cause I think it looks bad ****, then ill reinstall them and add that to part 2

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