auto dim mirror retro with temp and compass

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Default auto dim mirror retro with temp and compass

well ive had a lot of request for a write up on this so here it is, i got my mirror from a 2000 gmc yukon, but other gmc models like the Denali, Tahoe, ect have them, you just need to look around...i have test fit this on many jeeps and from what i have found it fits ALL xj's, mj's, zj's, and wranglers...our xj mirrors have a small Phillips head screw in the base of the mirror facing down toward your center console, unscrew that and slide your mirror up and its off, you put the new one on by doing this in reverse.
looking at your new mirror it comes equip with *auto dim, compass, temp* auto dim is always can take it off by holding the "temp" button down until the green light turns off.

for wiring to the mirror there are 7 wires, you only need 4 of these for the whole unit to work, or if you dont care just 2 for the mirror and compass to work, the wires you need to strictly make the mirror turn on itself is pins #1 and #2 .....

* #1 pink = power *
* #2 black = ground *

next for the temp you need #6 and #7 ....

* #6 = dark green/white *
* #7 = black/white *

these wires are for the temp do not really have to worry about these crossing because the temp gets its signal by resistance

1. so to start you take off your trim bezel by pulling it toward you "the bezel is the whole console surrounding the radio and temperature controls

2. now you are going to be removing the panel with your rear wiper, defrost,ect buy removing the 3 screws, then you are tapping off of the cigar lighter "one to the left not the accessory port" for switched power "so your mirror turns on when you turn your jeep on" tap the red for power, and the black for ground

3. now you are going to be running the wires under your dash/ kick panel

4. now you are running your wires up this crease in between the door trim and the dash you put the wires in there and run a Philips head down the middle to push the visible wire behind the dash

5. take a knife and pop out the 2 circles and remove the philips screws underneath to pull the A pillar trim foreword to run the wires up

6 . now that you have your wires up to the top of the A pillar your going to be running them across to where the mirror is, take the wires and pull the front of your headliner down a tiny bit with one hand and push the wires in your headliner with the other hand " dont worry you wont mess anything up, or mess up your headliner " sooo....make your way across till you get to the middle

this is the only pic i have of mine after its all done:

7. this is where i have mine coming out, dont worry about the other sensor its for my remote start....

8. sooooooooo now that you have tested the unit to see if it works your going to want to start on the temp sensor....this is basically all steps you did to run the wires up in reverse because you are running the wires back down and out through the fire wall.

9. now that you have your wires run down from pins #7 and #6 you want to push them out through this rubber grommet to the engine bay **** do not just pull the grommet and put in through, you risk the wires getting pinched or cut**** i used a small screw driver to push a hole and push the wires through the hole

*please ignore the yellow wire it is for the fogs*

10. i ran the wires all nice nice under this harness

11. run them to here and down and you can grab them from the bottom of the jeep under the front bumper

12. now splice you sensor together and mount it, i used a factory hole and used a screw and nut to hold it on

13. the spot i mounted it was up behind this hole "if you dont recognize this spot its the hole next to your factory fog light cut out

14. and now you are done your temp might read off for a bit they dont really get a good reading until you are driving...just like any normal car that has a temp sensor like this

and here is the temp

and you get a cool ice warning below 37deg that blinks on and off for 1 min to warn you of slippery roads

and here is the compass

i ordered my sensor and sensor plug new from the dealer so i didnt have to risk getting a bum sensor, but if you can get one that works do work and grab that ish

part numer for sensor is *** # 15029274 ***

part numer for sensor plug is *** # 12102747 ***
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