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Jeep Cherokee 2000 4.0L - Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor

Old 09-16-2015, 07:25 PM
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Jeep Cherokee 2000 4.0L - Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor

Old 06-01-2009, 09:12 PM
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Smile Jeep Cherokee 2000 4.0L - Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor

I recently went to start my 2000 Jeep Cherokee (4.0L six cylinder) and could not get it to start up. It would crank, but just would not turn over. After letting it sit for a few seconds, on the odometer appeared "no bus". I had never seen this error before and of course, the engine light stayed on. After doing some research online, it seems that many Jeep owners pointed out that the culprit was the crankshaft position sensor. Well, because there were so many helpful suggestions online about what the problem was, I wanted to post basically how to replace this annoying bugger.

First, to give you an idea of what kind of a mechanic I am (1 being I have never picked up a tool and 10 I can drop in a Cadillac Northstar engine), I would say I am about a 4. I can do the basics, so if you feel confident you can use a rachet and you don't mind getting a bit greasy, you can perform this repair.
Please note: It would probably be best to have axle stands or lifts to perform this task, but can be done without...as I have unfortunatley had to.
So, before I started repairing, I had to locate the crankshaft position sensor, as I could not find any photos or videos that made it simple.
If you stand at the front driver's wheel, with the hood open, looking down into the engine bay, simply lean on in, just behind the engine and you should be able to see the two bolts that hold the sensor in place.

You'll probably want to get your rachet setup. You'll need a standard rachet, an extention (approx. 10 to 12 inches), hinging/pivot socket, another extention (approx. 3 inches) and an 11 mm socket.

Now that you kinda have an idea as to where the sensor is located, you can move to the ground.
If you position yourself laying under the Cherokee, near the center but towards the driver's side, with your head facing towards the front. The front wheels should be just ahead of your head. You should be able to see where the engine joins with the transmission.

The sensor connector will be found just beyond the light grey connector. The CPS will be black in color. Be sure your keys are out of the ignition. Disconnect the CPS. Here comes the REALLY fun part. Wiggle your rachet into place. If you are right handed, you'll want to use your left hand to locate the two bolts of the CPS (basically at the top of the transmission where it meets the engine) and your right to hold the rachet, getting it ready to loosen the bolts. Foget trying to use your eyes, as it will be easier if you pretend you are blind and focus mentally on your hands and arms. While holding the socket securely on the 11 mm bolt with your left hand, use your right hand to release the bolts...one at a time (may require a little of WD-40). If you have a rachet that automatically cranks, more power and less patience to you. After you have taken out both bolts, you can now pull the crankshaft position sensor out in an upward direction. Looking back down into the engine bay, you should see something like this:

And here is your faulty part:

This part can be found at most local autopart stores for approx. $100 or less. I would try to keep it under that amount. I paid about $85. You may be able to find it online a bit cheaper, but I don't know the part number for this sensor. It would be a better route if you can afford to wait a few days.
Once you have replaced your crankshaft position sensor, don't forget to plug the connector back in, tighten the bolts (firmly) and snap the connector into the bracket (as the previous one was). Now, you can fire up your Jeep...which should start. You may notice your check engine light stays on. Mine did for a few hours after I replaced the CPS, but went off after a while and has not been back on since. I hope this helps you out in your quest to save money and aid your Jeep. If it has, feel free to let me know. Thanks for looking and good luck.

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