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Default Tire Carrier Bumper Budget Build

i have an 85 cherokee chief with a stock tire carrier and couldnt figure out how to rip it off and put it on my new jeep without ruining it. i looked around and found that it would cost me about 1000 bucks to buy one, as a college student i dont have that much to spend on a bumper so i decided to build one myself.

I started out with some metal from the steel yard
64 inches of 6x3 square tubing .120 wall
20 ft of 2x2 square .120 wall (i got way too much probably only need about 12-15 feet)
2 ft of 1.75" round .120 wall
1 ft of 2" round .120 wall
6" of 3/4" square .120 wall
2ft of 6" wide flat steel .120 wall as well

all this cost me right at 100 dollars so already i am saving 900 bucks.

(you wont use all of this but its better to have left overs then to have to make multiple trips)

so i took the 6x3 peice and simply cut about a 35 degree angle on both ends to give it a more finished look... feel free to use what ever angle you want i liked this better then straight up and down

i cut a 8 inch peice of 2" round tubing and a 14 inch piece of 1.75" round, this is for the swinging portion of the carrier

i cut a foot of the 2x2 square and notched the one end to attach to the 2" round tube for the swinging part and put a 15 degree angle on the other. (i did this to kick the tire carrier portion out away from the bumper when it is closed you can go straight across if you want,its up to you) and a straight cut of 30 inches to be welded to the angled side of the other peice

then i cut 3 sections of 2 ft of the 2x2, i left one of the pieces straight on both ends and the other two i put 45 degrees angles on both. the straight is for the center brace and the angled sides for the two legs of the carrier portion.

i cut two sections of 12 inch 2x2 for the attaching brackets

now most of the cutting is done, now for the drilling and notching... from one side of the top of your 6x3 measure 5.5 inches in and drill a 1.75" hole for the hinge. once the hole is drilled you can slide your 13 inch piece of round tube in there.

on the back side of the 6x3 i used and angle grinder to slowly cut out some 2x2 holes for the brackets to slide in for extra support they ended up being about 40 inches apart ( i miss measured a couple times and had to use some plates to fill in the big holes )

now i welded the 1.75" round tube inside the hole, this will be what the 2 inch peice slides over to make the actual swing away part to your carrier

i welded the triangle frame to the 30 inch long base that to the notched piece and then all of that to middle of the 2 inch round peice... on the 24 inch middle peice i welded a foot of 2x2 attached to an old hub i got from a junkyard for the tire to mount too. (i was originally just going to put about a 8 inch piece of 2x2 at a right angle with some flat steel and some studs on it but the hub worked out great) your carrier is basicly done just need to cut some flat steel to cap the open ends to prevent rust.

for the mounting brackets i took off the stock bumper and took a peice of cardboard the size of the mounting plate and marked where the holes were going to be. i then cut two 4 inch wide peices of the flat steel for my own brackets. i put the cardboard over the flat steel and drilled my holes ( i was fortunate enough to have lined all 8 holes up when i mocked it up on the jeep for the first time)

i welded the plates onto the foot long peices of 2x2 and slid them into the holes of the back of the 6x3 and welded them in making sure that they were square so the bumper would attach at a straight angle and not crooked.

now slide the carrier part onto round peice sticking out of the bumper and it should look like this

figuring out how to make it all stay closed was the toughest part for me. i wanted something pretty quick and easy. there are many of ways you can do it. what i did was weld a tab on the end of the carrier that stuck out and then cut about an inch and a half of the 3/4" square and welded that flat on the front of the bumper part. i drilled a half inch hole in the tab lined up with the little peice of 3/4" square and stuck a T-handle hitch pin through it. its easy effective and secure. i also used a little chunk of the 3/4" square on the bottom of the tab on the carrier that rests on the bumper to help support some of the weight.

use the flat steel and cap all of the holes in the bumper and carrier and its ready for paint.

i went to home depot and bought a can of primer and 2 cans of rust preventative flat black spray paint for about 15 bucks

i got about 2 coats of primer out of the one can and about 3 coats out of the black finish

before i slid the carrier back on to the bumper i put a thick layer of grease the peice sticking out of the bumper and it made it swing really well

it sticks out a little farther then i wanted it too but i think much closer and id have clearance problems with the hatch opening.

i am going to lowes tommorrow to find a cap for the 1 3/4" round pipe out of the bumper and am also going to attach a cable from the bumper to the carrier to stop it from swinging all the way open and hit the lights and stuff, also got to relocate the lisence plate so it is actually visible again haha

sorry if it isnt that detailed, it is my first build thread if you need more pics or help let me know im happy to help!

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