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RENIX/H.O. HYBRID with 99+ intake... yes it is possible and yes its that easy!!

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Default RENIX/H.O. HYBRID with 99+ intake... yes it is possible and yes its that easy!!

For months now ive been getting asked on how to do what i have done... swap the HO motor in the Renix jeep WITHOUT changing the whole wire harness...

Here is a list of what i used... (please PM me with what you used so i can add to the posting and broaden the years of parts (more so on the throttle body with these style sensors))

1) H.O. block and head
2) 99+intake manifold and exhaust manifold (may as well go ahead and add this while your at it right?)
3) 94ish Throttle body (see pics for proper attached sensors)(may already have if you buy the right HO engine for the swap)
4) 96 fuel rail and fuel lines (2 door XJ's not needed)(may also already have if you buy the right HO engine)
5) ford 5.0 injectors (may as well also right, plug and play)
6) 96 ZJ power steering pump and bracket (see 99+ intake write ups)
7) 96 throttle cable
8) new belt
9) KEEP renix A/C compressor
10) KEEP alternator
11) 96 throttle cable bracket (mounts on intake)
12) 96 intake hose and box

I bought my XJ with a 96 motor already swapped in it... but the guy who did it used all the original Renix parts... this is a no go since the porting doesnt line up properly for the intake and exhaust... at the time i was new to jeeps and didnt know anything... well when i bought a 99+ intake i started to swap them out i learned real quick that nothing was going to work right as i learned he used all the renix stuff and not the HO stuff already... so the tear down and build back RIGHT began...

I installed my new 99+ intake and exhaust realising right off my exhaust down pipe was at a different angle and i was going to have to rework the exhaust... both installed fine and easy... i pulled the bracket/pump/adjustment pulley from a 96 ZJ... this bolted right on for me as ive read some people has to drill the holes out on the intake and run a bolt and nut... i did not... (my intake is a 01 to be specific)... mine just bolted right up...

after that i moved to attaching everything on top of the intake...

the throttle body i got from a 94... i chose this because the plug for the sensor on the left side of the TB closest to the valve cover was a snap on... same plugs used... so i plugged this up... NOW for the TPS sensor... this was the more tricky part... i got the plug with the TB so i knew it would plug right in... both the RENIX and 94 HO are only 3 wires... 1 in 1 out 1 ground... the center wires always go together... so i just had to figure out which was which with the two outside wires... temporarily taped them till i had it running so i could see... read on to see how i finished figuring this out...

i then realised the 01 and Renix fuel rails werent going to work... 01's used only one fuel line attached and the Renix jeep needed two... so i went and got a 96 from the JY and attached it over my new 5.0 injectors... i also grabbed the 2 fuel lines from the same XJ BUT they didnt do me any good... the 2 door XJ's run one solid fuel line from the motor to the gas tank... the 4 doors disconnected at the firewall on the frame... so i ended up just cutting mine on the frame and at the metal part of the new lines and ran high dollar fuel line from autozone... if yours is a 2 door just buy the high dollar line and run it all the way from the frame to the fuel rail... it sucks trying to get lines from under a XJ in the JY and fuel spraying all over you when you finally get them to disconnect... if yours is a 4 door then you may be able to just swap them on out... im not sure... see if your Renix 4 door models can be disconnected... anyways so now your fuel is there...

Next i learned the renix and HO throttle cables and bracket are different... Sooo.... i went and robbed a cable and bracket from another 96 and swapped them out... the throttle cable is pretty easy and takes no rigging to swap...

Since my jeep already had the renix AC and altenator on it i just left them alone... this is where you would swap these onto your new HO motor...

I used the coil on the fender and not the one on the block that i think the HO used... but ive always wondered if either would work... i left it there just incase i needed a backup and i could give it a try... i dont see why not? when i changed the distributor cap and rotor button i ordered for a 96 motor since thats what mine came from... and it fit so i guess the 96 distibutor is still used also... not sure if the original mechanic had to change plugs around for it but i dont think so... if theres anything else its all easy stuff from here that you can figure out...

now as for setting the TPS... i faught with this for awhile... disconnected the battery and held terminals together for a short time to clear out the computer... hooked them back up and started the jeep (ill go over belt configurations in a second) it started up fine... when i started to go down the road it ran all goofy... it still was learning the new sensor configuratons... but after while of driving like this it never came back around so i swapped the wires on the outside of the TPS and spliced them this time... reset the computer again and it was running much better... NOW... i had a 5 speed... after doing this is i took off on a cold engine and let out of the gas the jeep would cut off, but start right back up... i just delt with it for along time it wasnt any big deal... but i got to playing around with the TB and i just adjusted the little idle adjustment screw with some needle nose to that it raised it up just a bump and it was fine... wish i had done this months ago...

As for vaccum lines... trash... keep the one to the MAP sensor on the firewall and break booster... couple others to the valve cover but all the others are trash in my book... but i dont have emissions so im not sure if there needed for that...

I spent hours and 9 trips to Autozone to get the right belt... turns out there belts werent in the right boxes and it was screwing me all up... lol...i have a pic below of the routing and i forgot to write down the part number but ill get that ASAP... there was no problems with the belt... it was easy and now you have a much easier adjustment to tighted it...

I hope this helps and gives you guys with the RENIX engines a more broad selection of being able to buy a HO motor... or if your just looking for some added power... without the hassles of swapping a whole frickin wire harness... if you have any questions just PM me... but look at the pics i took and they alone should get you through everything and help you find the plugs and brackets you may need...
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i will post back asap with the belt part number and wire color matches... and i do not have cruise control so im not sure how this is effected but probly just snaps right on also...

TPS sensor on the left... and the other 4 wire sensor on the right... honestly ive searched and havent been able to figure out what this sensor is for so if you know PM me so i can fill in the post... thanks!
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