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Clock Spring replacement 98+

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Default Clock Spring replacement 98+

Common symptoms of a failed clock spring is a Airbag light constantly on and non functioning horn. Just to be sure I scanned the airbag systems and came up with malfunction to the driver bag so it's a no brainer the clock spring has worn out.
This in the pic I have the new clock from the dealer.
Before servicing any airbag components disconnect the positive battery post and wait 15 minutes to make sure all power is drained from the systems and make sure the front wheels are straight failure to keep the wheels pointing straight forward will result in damage to the new part.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-2323321657.jpg
Here's the wheel I'm working on. This is a 98 Wrangler but it's pretty much the same exact set up as the 98+ Cherokee,
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-2062753839.jpg
First remove the two 5/16 bolts from both sides behind the wheel. And the air bag will be ready to come off the wheel.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-1550891667.jpg
Use a flat tip screw driver to pop the connector off the air bag and disconnect the single wire to the horn button.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-3461188458.jpg
Remove the single bolt holding the wheel on.Remember to keep the wheel straight because it will affect installation of the new Clock spring and could damage it.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-3035437587.jpg
You will need to use a steering wheel puller to remove the wheel. There is no other way so put that HAMMER AND PRY BAR AWAY!
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-1052042244.jpg
Under the column there are 3 phillip head screws. Remove them and pull the lower cover off.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-2598476958.jpg
Now with full access remove the old spring with a flat head screw driver. It's held on by snap locks so just pry it off from the back.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-2490942010.jpg
Once off remove the two connectors. You may need to use your finger nail or a small flat tip screw driver to unlock them.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-1876843473.jpg
Install the new spring and and put the cover back together. This only go's on one way so it's pretty straight forward. Now pull the plastic lock out and toss.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-206178058.jpg
Last thing.. When reinstalling the wheel make sure the wires are lined up. Finish installation.
Reconnect your battery and your good to go.
Clock Spring replacement 98+-image-2573749771.jpg

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