door plugs for removable doors

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Default door plugs for removable doors

I did this on my 97xj due to i have power everything and is a pain to pull wires thrue when i remove my doors. if you have manual windows locks ect. this might not be for you.

instalation time--- what your speed and knowledge is

Tools needed

2 sets of door plugs from a grand cherokee left and right
wire striper's
wire crimper's
piece of pipe or big punch
but connector's
4 screws or self drilling screws
a dremmel or air die grinder
drill with small drill bit and #2 screw bit
electrical tape

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first you want to remove the screw that holds the plugs together. hold the plug in one hand and hit the end of the screw. they do come out hard due to a keeper ring on the screw
Name:  IMG_0352.jpg
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once done you'll have this
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now remove your doors time to lay out where your plug is going to be to make the the hole oblong
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i used my 90 degree die grinder with this little bit
Name:  IMG_0355.jpg
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take your wire cutters/crimpers and cut this nub off
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depending on the year or how the body is you night have to grind down the plug mounting location like this
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now check how it fits if the inner panel is innerfering with the plug going all the way in flush use the hammer and the pipe or punch to push it in some. be carefull on the pass side due to the fuse panel is there. mine is a 97 so its located on the pass side
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once done check the fit once its good now time to cut the wires and wire the plugs some collors match. some dont so wright down what you used on one side of the plug and do the same on the other side.
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once your wiring is done tape them up and install the body side with lots of silicone to prevent leaks
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now the door side wire them just as you did on the body side. remember to put the rubber tube back on before you wire the plug in i cut the end of the rubber tube off that hooked into the body. i slid the end over the plug just like this
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when your all done it will look just like this with the door on
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repeat the same steps on the pass or drivers side depending what side you started with first.

SPECIAL NOTE---- on the passenger side i had one too many wires on the passenger side. this was due to my doors are wired for heated mirrors. i do not have heated mirrors. so i just didnt use the heated mirror wires.

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Added information about this mod since I have completed it myself as well

The door plug wire harness shown is from a infinity sound system ZJ 93-97... Mine came from a 94 and I search roughly 30 ZJ's in my local JY... This was the only one to have this style plug and it had the infinity system...

I did my plugs in reverse... Screwed the one side inside the door and the long part stays on the body... I did this because there is two layers of sheetmetal that has to be cut out to do it the first way... I only had one layer this way but im stuck with the dangly harness off the side of the jeep... So much easier to install and its not really that big a deal...

Also I went from none power doors to 97+ power doors on my MJ... The mirrors and locks I never could figure out since they were sensor based... not power on and off to make them move... So I had a ton of wires left because I could not do anything with the extra wires... Doesnt matter since I can reach everything in a MJ anyways... I only ram the window power wires to work... That being said

On the drivers side... the BACK side of the connector... Splice two wires together so that it makes a loop and goea back into the body... On either end on the body side splice that into your power wire to the door open/close switch... now when u take your doors off and on it will turn off your cab lights as well and not kill your battery or bother you while driving at night... I thought about doing a toggle switch hidden somewhere but this is way easier and youll never have to worry about it again...

This should help out the next guy a bit more...

Edit: received a email with some confusion and this was my reply back with added information to help...

yeah man thats exactly what i did... the power will travel through the door and into the switch when its plugged up... unplug the door and it kills power to the switch so it wont keep your lights on in the interior... works great! on my 90 comanche there is a plug in the kick panel on the drivers side... two wires go into the plug in the same spot and then 3 sections total... the double wire was the positive for me that i used... ended up just splicing them together... on the passenger side its just a two plug plug in the kick panel... black with white stripe I THINK was the positive there... no nead to even take the switch out the door jamb... hope this helps!

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