96-04 Mustang GT Intake Mod

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Default 96-04 Mustang GT Intake Mod

This mod was done on a 2000 XJ 4.0L

Parts to make this work:

(1) 96-04 Mustang GT Intake Assembly (ebay)
(1) 96-04 Mustang GT 3" Mass Air Flow (MAF) Adapter (ebay)
(1) 3"-3" Intake Coupler (Auto Zone)
(1) Vacuum Hose Install Kit (Auto Zone)
(1) 3" Exhaust Pipe; At Least 4" Overall Length (Auto Zone)
(1) 1/8"x3/4"x36" Piece Of Flat Aluminum (Lowes)
(1) 1/4"-20x1" Machine Screw with Nuts (Lowes)
(1) 1/4"-20x1 1/2" Machine Screw with Nuts (Lowes)
(4) 1/4" Flat Washers (Lowes)
(1) Tube of Black Silicone (Auto Zone)
(1) Spray Paint of Your Favorite Color (Lowes)

You will attach the 3" MAF adapter to the back of the intake assembly (flange side facing out) onto the (4) mounting studs then tighten up the nuts. You will notice a gap between the MAF adapter and the intake assembly. That's where the black silicone comes in to play. Apply the silicone to the back side of the intake between the intake and MAF adapter. Once you have applied the silicone, use you finger (or something else if you prefer) to smooth out the silicone between the intake and MAF adapter. Let it dry over night.

Cut off a 4" piece off the exhaust (if longer than 4") measuring from the largest diameter end of the pipe. Using the vacuum hose install kit, drill the hole for the rubber grommet using the largest size hole saw (see note). Now paint with your favorite color. After the paint dries, install the rubber grommet and the hose fitting (next to the largest size) and use some black silicone to help seal from any leaks that may exist.

*One note, the hole saw in the kit is a piece of junk. I used it to mark where to cut and used a dremel with a cutting bit to cut out the hole.

Once the exhaust pipe is cut to length, fit the flared end of the exhaust pipe into the factory intake hose and tighten down using the factory hose clamp. Next, place the 3" coupler and two supplied hose clamps onto the "smaller" end of the pipe and connect it to the MAF adapter on the Mustang intake. Loosely tighten the clamps until you have it mounted where you like it.

Make (2) brackets from the flat piece of aluminum. Cut a 6" piece and bend it into an "L" shape. Then drill (1) 3/8" hole at each end of the aluminum. Cut another piece at 8.5" long. Bend one end into a "L" shape. Make sure the bent section is long enough to accommodate the original nut located closest to the firewall. Since it's not a direct line from the fender mounting stud to the bottom MAF bolt, you will have to bend and twist the "L" part of the bracket until it will sit flush with the surface of the fender. This will take some trial and error to get it right.

The 1/4"-20x1 1/2" machine screw is used to mount the "L" bracket to the intake assembly via the rubber bushing with crush sleeve to the fender. The 1/4"-20x1" machine screw is used to mount the "L" bracket to the fender. Use (2) 1/4" washers per machine screw.

The second bracket mounts to the back of the MAF adapter at the lower left (standing in front of the Jeep) bolt and the rear most mounting stud for the factory intake assembly using the original nut.

When you get the brackets made the way you want, paint the color of your choice and reinstall.

When you get everything buttoned up, you will need to cut the rubber part of the crank case vent hose from an "S" shape so that it is in an "L" shape. Now install on the crankcase vent tube and the vacuum port on the intake.

I can't say for sure if I gained anything performance wise, but it sound freakin' awesome when you floor it.

Sound clip.

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