Installing a "Body Guard"/partition

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Default Installing a "Body Guard"/partition

Ok, so I was at a local pick-n-pull about a week ago and found this lovely piece of equipment in a poor old 99 xj while looking for other goodies.

Installing a "Body Guard"/partition-ingrams-20111010-00719.jpg

After looking it over I decided I had to have it. I had never seen anything like it. It wasn't in the best shape as the steel was starting to rust from the years of sitting in the jy xj. So i took it home and started work.

This is what you'll need:

not very difficult with a friend. extremely difficult by yourself.

set of wrenches
set of sockets with ratchet to match
a buddy (trust me, you'll want one. i didn't have one so it was extremely difficult to install this guard.)
a drill with multiple steel bits
maybe a steel cutting tool (i used a standard hand saw with steel cutting blade)
and a local bolt-n-nut store

Measure all the holes in the guard used for mounting/installing and the back seat floor board thickness and make a quick trip to the store to get the appropriate size bolts. i used all grade 8. overkill but it works.

1. clean up the guard if needed. i used a wire brush attachment for a drill to remove all old paint and rust.

2. paint the guard with anything to prevent new rust and to add a little personal touch. (i sprayed it with duplicolor bedliner spray.) it took 2 cans. and it now looks like its powder coated.

3. after the paint(bedliner) has dried completely, prepare the vehicle for test fitting. (in my case i had to remove all old trash, clothes and McDonalds food bags.)

4. using a friend, remove the bottom of the legs and place guard in the XJ. I don't know if all guards have removable legs but if they do it will help alot with installation. the legs on mine just fell out when it was picked up (the legs were sleeved, no bolts.)

5. reinstall legs and set the guard where you want it. up against the back of the driver and passenger seats. (you may need to move the seats forward to insure proper placement.) and make sure the steel plates on the bottom of the legs are pointed towards the back of the jeep not the front.

Installing a "Body Guard"/partition-banner-20111020-00738.jpg

6. my guard hit the headliner before it could be placed properly (the seat belt brackets wouldn't reach.) so i removed the legs and cut an inch off the sleeves on the legs, then reinstalled and it fit perfectly.

7. while a friend holds the guard up, undo the drivers side, or passenger side, seatbelt from the b-post. its one torx bolt.

8. place the seat belt bracket on the bolt and reinstall torx bolt with seat belt. (please don't forget the seat belt.)

9. move the bracket into position, (may require moving the seat belt down or up.) now bolt the guard into place using a bolt, nut, and lock washer. once bolted to the seat belt bracket the guard should hold itself up.

Installing a "Body Guard"/partition-banner-20111020-00732.jpg

10. thank your friend, and buy him a beer. (if of age. both of you.)

11. repeat step 8 and 9 for the other side.

12. now get your drill and select the proper bit for the bottom floor bracket. drill through your floor on both sides (four holes in mine), i know it sucks but its gotta be done.

13. find the bolts you previously purchased, my dog was chewing on one, and install the bolts and washers from the top down. (you don't see washers here but they have now been put on.)

Installing a "Body Guard"/partition-banner-20111020-00731.jpg

14. crawl under the xj and put a lock washer and nut on each bolt sticking through. and tighten it snug. not all the way.

15. now step back and look at the guard. cool aint it??

Installing a "Body Guard"/partition-banner-20111020-00740.jpg

16. now tighten all bolts, nuts and everything else that was removed, DON'T FORGET TO TIGHTEN THE SEAT BELT BOLTS!!!

Now you can engage the child locks on the XJ. put someone in the back seat and lock them in. They can't get out...

enjoy your new "body guard"
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