Now ALL model XJ LED Blinker light bar

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Default Now ALL model XJ LED Blinker light bar

Here my write up on installing a LED light bar that is white when parking lights are on and then BLINKS AMBER when turn signals are on...

Total of around $100 for everything to do... cheaper if you use current lights

*knife (not just a blade cause your gonna need pressure on this thing)
*Wire crimpers and cutters
*Small wrench or small crescent wrench (size dependent on what size bolt you use)
*Test Light (until i get the correct wire colors to match then you may not need this)

*Clear RTV (liquid nail at Lowes)
* Wire Splices

82-96 XJ's follow the same steps except order TWO sets of LED lights and wire them together... there is room to stack them and without stacking them one light will be off center and look stupid... benefit is you get to run two sets over the 97+ guys one... brighter...

UPDATE!!! ZJ guys... i bought a set of ZJ clear lights and before even separating the clear lens i saw that these would not fit... however with additional modification on the back side they could be made to fit... you would need to notch out a spot and after all is installed go back and seal around it in order to keep condensation out... more work but it could be done...

I later found plugs that wire to the lights and directly plug into your OEM light socket. They were on ebay as well for like $10 shipped... Also found them for the 82-96 parking lights...

UPDATE!!! The link to the LED below is old... and it is also the bulb style LED's... do not buy the bulb style LED's... they make them in the exact same housing with the flat square CREE LED's and they last way longer... many still on the road today... the bulb style like i built here lasted maybe a year... search ebay and pay a lot of attention to their pictures... i will try and find the ones i was using when building and selling these kits...



This is a pic of the end result so you can see if its something you want to do before even reading the rest...

First off you need to separate the lends from the chrome housing... this can be tricky due to a tongue and groove setup that sealed up... i traced the outside edge with my razor knife then pried with a large flat head up just enough to get my razor on the inside... i also applied heat with a heat gun which makes a world of difference but WILL melt the plastic so be careful...

** do not pry on corners... much as you think itll work better the corners on plastic are always weaker... pry starting on the short side and work your way around actually cutting the seal**

also be sure to uncover the bulb holes (tape, stickers, etc...) when pulling the lens there will be a slight suction if you dont... you may never notice it but its common sense...

These are the LED's with the bracket your installing... i installed mine bracket up and it centered it perfect which means it could be bracket down if they bolts dont hang on anything... now the bracket will swivel in many ways on the light... ill explain what to do with this later but youll want it at no angle and directly over the top...

Next take the bracket off the light and hold it on the inside of the light... the bracket has a slight indention cut out of it and i pushed it as far inside as i could with the indention up against the point seperating the two sides of the light... this seems to be pretty much centered inside as well as get your 1/8 in deeper... you probly better understand with products in hand more then just reading this...

i was still able to drill my holes like this even though it was slightly at a angle but its plastic so the bit didnt walk on me... with the bracket ON the light and the screws tight as possible (they will easily strip)... youll have to straighten the light out once you install the small bolts and nuts... u used longer bolts and held the outside end with pliers while turning the nut... then cut the excess off the bolt... your not getting a screwdriver on the bolt head side (or screw head like i used but i already had them)

once the LED light is installed and looking straight inside take your super glue and put it around where the bracket meets the LED light... it may stay up forever without this but i have a feeling that after about 100 pot holes the light may start aiming more down... theres nothing stopping it from doing so except a couple mini screws in plastic... again common sense says that aint gonna last forever... so cover the are with super glue and it should hold fine for a long time to come... i actually used RTV on mine... itll work to but you will be able to see it... this is why i recommend super glue now...

now reinstall the lense back on the lamp using the RTV... be sure to get as much of the old RTV as possible off... it sucks but its probably piled up in the groove and will keep from the lens sitting flush in install...

(this is where you can add the new found plugs the plug directly into the light socket)
Next you cut off the plugs going to the bulbs... and youll be using the bulb plugs as seals to keep the lamp sealed up from moisture... install the wires that come with the kit to your existing wiring... youll need a test light for this to see what color is what for you jeep... i have a 97+ front end on my 90 comanche with stock 90 harness so mines gonna be different then most... but its pretty easy...

red goes to hot wire when you turn lights on...
yellow goes to blinker wire when blinkers on
black goes to ground

for the 97+ harness there are two plugs... pick one... i have the 1990 harness still just a newer front end...

next i took one bulb plug from both sides and drilled a 1/2 hole right down the middle of it... then fed the wires from the LED through it and screwed the plug to the housing... this way i wasnt trying to seal a giant 1.5in hole... i then used RTV all around the wires on the backside of that plug... sealing it up... i recommend trying as small a bit size as possible where you can get all three wires through... 1/2 was probly a bit to big still and i think i could have used smaller... less sealant and less mess that way...

From a club member he says this is what he spliced together on his rig... i have been told these DO make your blinkers flash fast as if the bulb is out and ive also been told they DONT... so it depends on your model... there is a cure for this if yours do and i may try and find a good write up for that for anyone that may end up having to do it... easy way to find out is to pull a blinker bulb from your jeep and see if it blinks fast or normal... then you will know if you will need it or not...

Black = Black
Red = Brown
Yellow = Green

After your done just install the light and cover and you done!

Also PM me pics when done and ill post them here as well... if anyone has any questions feel free to PM me...

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few more pics of mine with them on in action and soon i hope to have pics from another rig... built a few sets now but they always seem to forget to send me pics lol

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Thanks Big Red XJ for the pics man!
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