Factory dashclock installation (Without OEM harness)

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Default Factory dashclock installation (Without OEM harness)

Instalation of a 1989 Dashclock to a 1992 XJ Sport
This is my first guide ever, so sorry for any mistakes!

Fore note: This will involve removing a large part of the jeeps dash
Most pictures where taken AFTER i installed the clock. Sorry for any blurry pictures, my camera is a POS.

Time: 30 Minutes to an hour, depends on how fast you are.


-Philips Screwdriver (Alongside an Electric screwdriver if you have one!)
-Multimeter (Maybe)
-Wire strippers / crimpers
-Wire (I used a roll of about 10 feet, had plenty left over.)
-Wire connectors

Before starting, try testing the clock. Try to connect the black and red wires to a car battery to see if it lights up, and if you can check the light bulb (LCD screen backlight).

Check the lable on the fuse cover for the "Fuseblock" fuse location

Step 1
Remove the dash face plate and lower dash. The face plate has 4 screws - Two over the gauges, one over the cigarette lighter, and one over the headlight switch.

The lower dash has several screws holding it in place, including a few hidden ones. I can't provide pictures because my lower dash is broken and no longer installed. Most screws are along the top, there are 3 hidden ones. One at each end underneath, and one behind the ash tray.

Step 2
There is a semi-specific order you will need to tear the dash apart in.

1. Remove the Cigarette lighter (2 screws on top, 1 on the bottom). The upper screws for this also hold in the bottom of the panel you will be replacing with the clock.

(Image was taken after my actual installation, so the clock here is already installed and wired)

2. Remove the panel holding the rear wiper and transmission (Automatics) switches. There is ONE screw for this.

3. Remove the panel (Left of the steering wheel) containing the Fog light and defroster switch. Again there is one screw holding this in.

4. Remove the Gauge cluster, there are 6 total screws, two of which would be blocked if you did not removed the previous panels. There are TWO cables in the back, one in the center and one on the left. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THIS, But it may make things a little easier.

Step 3

Now to begin the wiring! It may be a little easier if you install the clock first using only the TOP pinch screw. I tired to get a pic of this but it was two hidden.

There are FOUR types of this clock. All have different wiring.

Here is a page from another site listing the 4 types of the clock, and what all the tires do. The clock i used is the 1989 version.

Depending on which clock you have, you may need to run more wires than i did. I'll show how i did mine.

I had 4 wires:
-Red/Tan (Constant 12v power)
-Black (Ground)
-Blue/White (Ignition Power)
-Blue/Black (Ground)

I ran all of my wires to the fuseblock.

The Red/Tan wire, i tried to run to a slot labeled (BATT), But the contacts got screwed up so i ended up running it to another constant slot. This is where the multimeter came in handy.

Since i only had one color of wire, Red, i used the ends to identify what wire was what. the constant power wire has a RED end, the ignition wire has a blue end, and the ground has a Yellow end.

Now for the blue and white wire, This hooks into the slot labled (CLOCK). I think the reason is obvious lol. This slot is only on when the key is on.

The two grounds (Black and Blue/Black) can be combined and grounded where ever. I ended up grounding them to one of the fuse blocks bolts, since it was easy to get to.

Now test it! Replace the main fuse and make sure the clock lights up. Default time on mine was 1:00

Step 4
Now its time to replace the dash. Just go in reverse order from removing things. The Cluster has 6 large headed screws, the panels have about 6 short screws, and the dash/faceplate have the longer screws.

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