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1999 Electrical Problems

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Old 11-25-2011, 12:11 PM   #1
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Default 1999 Electrical Problems

Four problems ...

Most important - Dash instruments go off then on from time to time. I have been told that it might be a loose ground, or a difficult [expensive] to service module under the hood drivers side - and that i should not meddle with that. Here's the dash ...

Annoying - The window lock button [drivers door console] is broken so the front seat passenger cannot operate the window. A friend at the auto wreckers has been looking for the module but not having any luck so far. If i knew the name of the part i could search eBay. Here's the window module ...

Don't care much - One of the front speakers does not work so i have only the rear ones on. I do not care much about this problem, just mentioning it here.

The above three have been on-going for a couple of years now. The next one has just started recently.

More annoying - The radio goes off then later will come on again. There is a light pouff sound from the speakers when it goes off.

Information ...

Stock 1999 Sport with ~3" lift. I have a 1984 thru 2000 Haynes and a 1994 factory service manual [my first Jeep was 1994]. I do my own work on my 1978 IronHead Harley but i have a friendly mechanic to work on the Jeep.

Any comments, suggestions, etc appreciated,
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The gauges could just be loose wiring.
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Old 11-25-2011, 01:23 PM   #3
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Master window/lock control has a tendency to stay in "lock mode" for either reasons
Of broken solder connections or corrosion, if you don't use the lock function search on here for "window switch bypass" you should find some instructions on how to connect two wires together in an easily accessible connection. It's cheap and effective more often than not, but you cannot lock your passenger windows if you do it, easily reversible too.

The speakers in the front have a tendency to get broken/corroded wiring in the rubber door boot, IMHO it's easiest to just run new working.

Gauges could be a loose wire cluster, semi related to the "no bus" issues some have to deal with, search for the no bus issue and you may retrieve more info, I had it happen once and slammed the top of my dash and thankfully it hasn't done it since....if its not broke I'm not gonna fix it lol.

Radio, my guess is either a loose fuse, ground or power wire....if its neither maybe the radio is starting to die....either case good excuse for an aftermarket deck and new speaker wiring.

All of these are common from 97-01 btw, welcome to cf and the xj world!

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The gauges are prob loose wire or bad ground. The master window switch can be bought new for about 140. Or find the little wire harness down by your feet behind panel that looks like the pic and add the 1/2 paper clip.
E tape will help. As for speakers, my two front speakers didnt work with the stock head unit. I swapped in my pioneer and they worked. There was a couple times when it was rainy that all the speakers would cut out, but opening and closing the drivers door made the speakers work. So double check the wiring around grommet into door.
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Old 11-25-2011, 04:57 PM   #5
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I am having all of these problems except for the radio flickering. Also, when this happens, my blinkers will not work in either direction, and my rear defrost turns on and stays on and i cant turn it off..when i open and close the passenger side door, all of it goes away and starts to work again....I dont understand...I do have a weird noise coming from the passenger side front switch panel when everything gets messed up.
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Old 11-25-2011, 05:01 PM   #6
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I had the radio "flickering" thing going on. It turned out to be a shorted
speaker in the drivers door.
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Good info has been given. Check for ground wires on firewall or near fuse block. Check wiring connectors for dash instruments. Unplug, clean pins and reconnect.

As for radio I had the same problem. Radio would turn off and on at will. Cassette player did function well and all speakers worked. I installed a new head unit a few days ago. All is well now. As pointed out check the speaker wire running thru the door.
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Hey Jeep Peoples, thanx for all the replies. I'll try these things, see how far i get and come back, probably with more questions.

It will be raining here all day tomorrow and my shop is big enough only for the old Harley; so i wait for a nicer day.
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