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Default DIY Idle Air Control Valve Replacement

Vehicle: 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7L V8

Well im new here and would like to contribute something to this site as ive learned a few things from you all. Im writing this DIY on how to replace your Idle Air Control Motor/Valve( ie: IAC Valve ). I just went ahead and replaced mine before taking it off and inspecting it as the Jeep has 94k on it. Figured it would be best off to go the route i did. Ive read that sometimes cleaning this would result in it working properly again. Reasons why you would want to either clean/replace this part is because your idle is jumping up and down constantly while in P or N. Also you will notice that when you are at just rolling it tends to go a lot faster than usual.

Ok this write up is how i found it best to get to the Idle Air Control Motor/Valve but others may find it better to do it differently. My steps are very easy and simple hand tools will get you by.

You will need:

- Flat Head Screwdriver
- 3/8 Rachet
- 3/8 Extension
- 11mm Socket
- Torx Bit 25

Heres a Resource to help have a better understanding:

1). First off you will need to undo the clips that are holding the Air Filter Cover on. As you can see in the picture with the 4 red arrows pointing to where they are.

2). Take your flat head screwdriver and unscrew where the clamp holds the intake tube to the box up there. Pull that off and set it aside ( Also while its like that you can knock free the dust on your air filter )

It will look like this afterwards

3). This is where you will need to take off the Box that is connected to the throttle body. You will need your 3/8 Rachet, 3/8 Extension, 11mm Socket to take off the bolts on both sides of it. See pictures below shows it on both sides.

4). Firtst before you do anything with this you will need to take off the hose on the right side of it.You now will need your Flathead screwdriver again to take off the clip going to the Carb itself. Just unscrew it and take the box itself off.

It will look like this now. This is also a good time to clean your throttle body if you want too

5). Now you will need a Torx bit. Mine was 25 and im assuming it will be the same to take these 2 screws out.

Heres what the old one looked like. Probably cant tell but its caked in carbon and all that good stuff. Sorry i was in a rush and didnt take a picture of the new one but if you clean yours then you will know what new used to be like or if you bought a new one.

6). Reverse these simples steps to put it all back together. Turn on your vehicle and hope this works as there was nothing else wrong to cause this problem. It fixed mine but others have said to check your vacuum lines first.

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