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If you live in Indiana, your in!!! Always see those other XJ's in your town and wonder who they are? Well this is for us Indiana people.
32 2 20
08:25 AM
Jeep Clubs
for the people who use there xj as primary vehicle.modded or stock
263 23 50
02:26 AM
Jeep Clubs
Any kind of Jeep that is 2wd by the VIN. As long as it USED to be 2wd but is now 4wd. All models welcome.
3 2 3
09:54 PM
Owners of 87-90 XJs which are called Renix era Jeeps
287 36 111
04:11 PM
Jeep Clubs
We love jeeps of all kinds however we know the Cherokee often times doesn't get the love and respect they truly deserve.
52 7 8
06:07 PM
Jeep Clubs
For all jeepers with a focus on XJ's from the shores to the Blueridge and everywhere between. Share info, builds, t all tales and small stories.
3 2 2
04:09 PM
Jeep Clubs
If you live in Colorado and have an XJ, join up!
6 2 2
08:55 AM
1 1 1
07:23 PM
Jeep Clubs
This is a page (meet up club) for the purpose of bringing people together who enjoy off-roading, Jeeping, wheeling, camping, exploring, shooting, general outdoor activities AND SQUATCHING. Fellow Squatchers can post meet ups and activities to gather new members or show fellow Squatchers their outings. Squatching=Any outdoor activities that incorporate the use of Jeeps (& other 4x4's) including but not limited to: searching for Squatches. Squatcher =One who engages in outdoor activities with a Jeep or other off road adventure worthy vehicle. /also Possibly looking for bigfoot :)
1 1 1
05:26 PM
Jeep Clubs
anybody who has wheeled in ohio or want's too
11 1 2
08:16 AM
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