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  1. 10-31-2016 07:31 AM - permalink
    Arcmaster.....I'm just not sure what wire that might be for.

    BUT, I'll tell you who to private message. Cruiser54.

    Not much about a Renix Jeep that he doesn't know!! And inspect that wire loom very closely; doesn't take much excessive heat to damage wiring.
  2. 10-30-2016 07:08 PM - permalink
    Tjwalker " I have a question, I respect your intellect..please if you could direct me the right direction.. since my engine has rebuilt here is a wire wrapped in foil coming from the c101 hanging down from the cts/knock sensor and 02 sensor it's wrapped in foil and just hanging there jeep has looooong cracks when cold but quick when warmed. I know it maybe the cts but what is that wire for..???? Can u help me...also alot of the wire loom has melted , other than that No problem
  3. 10-19-2016 12:59 AM - permalink
    thanks Mr Walker for the quick reply. when I changed my injectors not to long ago I tested the fuel pressure, and I was surprised that it was 31 psi and 39 psi when I pulled the fuel pressure regulator hose.. considering the jeep is 28 yrs old. ha ha. all that being said, when I did the injectors last year, the starting issue hasn't got any better or worse since ive owned it back in 2008...
  4. 10-10-2016 07:03 AM - permalink
    If you do look into it, be sure you are looking at the right coolant sensor as I believe you have 2. One is for the engine management and the other reads the coolant temperature for the gauge in your dash. Can't remember the exact locations, but search should find it for you. So fuel pressure and coolant sensor would be the first two things I would look into. Test the MAP sensor as well if those two don't pan out. None of these are difficult to troubleshoot or repair if necessary. Hope this helps and be sure to send a PM to Cruiser54. Pete is a friend of mine and really knows your vintage XJ. Good luck! P.S. This does NOT sound like a crank sensor issue at all.
  5. 10-10-2016 07:03 AM - permalink
    The fact that it starts fine warm leads me away from this being related to an engine management sensor EXCEPT for one. The coolant temperature sensor. If that sensor is bad it can make the computer think that the engine is cold when hot or vice versa. And that in turn makes a big difference in the fuel/air ratio so it's possible that you aren't getting a rich enough mixture when the engine is cold. That sensor can be tested with a meter for resistance (cold/hot) and there is a resistance chart that you can compare your readings to, but as the sensor isn't that expensive, most guys just replace it.
  6. 10-10-2016 07:02 AM - permalink
    Hey Arcmaster........I haven't worked on a Renix for some time, but the troubleshooting isn't any different for any XJ.

    The #1 data point you need is fuel pressure data. I will guarantee you it is the first thing a technician would look at if you brought it into a shop. Hook up a fuel pressure gauge and get the fuel pressure after your Jeep sits overnight. Then watch the fuel pressure as you or a friend cransk the engine. You need about 31 psi for the Renix to fire. Even though the poor mans prime doesn't seem to help, knowing exactly how your fuel pressure is and how it builds to when it fires needs to be understood.
  7. 10-09-2016 06:19 PM - permalink
    Hey tjwalker" I just read your (tps) test write up, very detailed..I believe on the jeep forum. I am having inital long crank times only when my 88 Cherokee renix has been sitting long hours. After its first start up 5-6 seconds or so it starts and starts up after that with no problem.I've done the Poor man key on and off deal ,check if it's the check valve and or leaky injector test. And it still takes the same amount of time to start, making me scratch my head hmm. Like I said once it starts it's fine..I've read on (CPS) and other issues and to be honest, iam it a fuel issue or a sensor issue ? I apologize for just popping up on here like this, but you seem to be up there in knowledge like (5-90) and cruiser54 ...any help would be a great help..thanks arcmaster...4.0 renix 4x4
  8. 10-07-2016 09:41 PM - permalink
    always great advice....

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