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Default eBay

I have to say that of all the selling platforms I have used, eBay is by far my favorite. I absolutely love their control over listing types and Marketplace items, but I have an absolute hate relationship with their policy Department.

As with all fights in politics, in the end it comes down to firearms. On more than one occasion I have listed Firearms parts that are well within the compliance guidelines provided by eBay only to have the listings removed and Strikes put on my account for listing non-compliant items multiple times. I have to say it really gets old. Today my argument with the policy Department was over the Bullet Button device that can be purchased aftermarket for the Kel-Tec Su 16 rifle.

I try to be as polite and cordial I with customer service Representatives because at one point in my life that was the way I earned a living. My problems with the eBay Policy Department rise from their constant abuse of their own policy, and the frequency in which their policy Representatives lie to eBay customers in order to make it seem like the eBay policy is correct and the customer is wrong.

So for the last 30 days I had listed the Bullet Button device for the Kel-Tec Su 16. I specifically stated more than once that it was a device that made such rifle California compliant and was not a violation of the eBay policy clearly. When I relisted the item last night after the first 30 days, I almost immediately received a listing removed email from the eBay team. When I called this morning to speak to them about the listing being removed, I was hung up on once, then the second representative I spoke to upon call back chose to lie to my face and tell me that the Kel-Tec Su 16 is specifically listed as an assault weapon in their policy, which its not. In fact the only rifles specifically mentioned by name and family are the AR-15 and AK-47. I promptly told the representative that I knew she was lying to me and that I was going to hang up on her and call back and speak to someone else.

The second representative said that his supervisor will call me back at some point during the day, which I take as them realizing that I was right and they are wrong.

While this is only today's incident I hate to say it is just a battle in an ongoing war against this company who thinks that they can pick and choose how they enforce their policy across the board and completely denied anytime one of the representative clearly gets it wrong.

I'll cut it off here but I could go on for pages, look to hear your insights and gripes about dealing with eBay.

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I don't sell on ebay but it is my go to for most things I order online. The shipping is always fast and if I ever have an issue (which is rare) it has always been quickly resolved. I can't say the same about Amazon, I pretty much quit ordering from them about a year ago because I was always having problems and the shipping was very slow, I would order something and a week later it still hadn't been shipped. I had to call and fix something every other order. I started using Ebay more and I am much happier with them than Amazon. In fact I recently ordered a headlight harness for my jeep from Amazon because I had a gift card and I am still waiting on it, eBay would have had it here by now.
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I used to be a religious ebay user. Both buyer and seller.

I'll say this, they have made it damn near impossible for the little guy to make a buck on there anymore.

There is no protection for sellers anymore. They soured me to it all so much I don't even buy there anymore.

I switched to amazon for buying. And was quite happy for a while. But recently amazon has been dropping the ball, too.

I've got prime. 2 day shipping is great. Not available for everything, but for the most part as a buyer it's been great, except in the last 6 months or so. Add to that they just raised prime membership by 20%...what the hell. That's a HUGE price increase.

The last major problem I had, I ordered tires from them, and while it worked out HUGELY in my favor, it was a hassle. I ordered 4 Mastercraft Courser 35's, on prime, not 2 day delivery, but they guaranteed 4 day delivery. Needless to say I didn't see them in that timeframe...the order info didn't jive, said I ordered 3+1, not 4. When they finally DID show up, almost a week late, (after speaking to amazon CS, who told me they were shipped, and if I no longer wanted the order to refuse delivery), the Fedex guy shows up with 7 tires. I accepted 4, refused 3. The next day the other straggler tire showed up, I refused delivery again. Obviously a double order. I contacted amazon CS again, explained what happened, they said keep the tires. I did. But, they issued the refund, So win for me. 4 35's for free. I did everything I could to make it right, I'm not looking to get something for nothing. But here I am with new 35's for free. So good deal, right?

I also have ordered several small things lately that have been delayed, for one reason or another, but mainly tools for work and I need that stuff. So, when it doesn't come when I need it, it makes life difficult.

Fast forward to today...I needed a new welding hood for work. Ordered on Prime Wednesday. Said delivery by Saturday. Fine. Got a shipping update through amazon on Friday, truck breakdown, delayed til Sunday. Also fine. Here's where it gets wonky...

I took the tracking number (USPS, who I've ALWAYS had problems with) and entered it into the USPS site, and requested updates via text/email. Originally THEY said delivery by Wednesday...which did not jive with what amazon was saying. I used tracking info from both amazon and the post office simultaneously. Neither one has jived.

Amazon first said Saturday, then Sunday, then Tuesday,then Monday.

USPS had nothing until late Saturday that said Wednesday, then Monday, and now I just got a text that said today.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

They need to fix this crap. It shouldn't be that hard to nail down tracking info, shouldn't be this difficult. Pretty simple...post updates as they happen, problem is they can't seem to get the info from one entity to jive with the other in real time, which I find hard to believe, since amazon and the PO are both huge companies...I get they are different, but come on, this is what they do. Figure it out. I'm paying extra for it too, which pisses me off to no end.

About to drop my prime membership. It's not worth the cost anymore.
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Ive had mixed contractions with both sites. I far prefer Amazon over Ebay simply because Amazon sells legit stuff. Ebay, you have to scour the sellers site to detemine if they are legit or a knock off. take for instance wheel adaptors. On Amazon, you can get legit spidertrax, but go on Ebay and the first 5 things that pop up are Homemade Scetchy AF garage jobs that look like they were made out of tinfoil. Ebay is Also full of Dropshippers and 3rd party sales clerks. Amazon has their fair share, but much less of them. You are more likelly to buy from the manufacturer. Ebay has however been a good resource for odd automotive parts like door handles, headlight bezels, etc.
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