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Aftermarket electrical systems Aftermarket electronics only! stereo head units, CD players, MP3 players, speaker systems, amplifiers, hardmounted GPS devices, computers, headlight upgrades, fog lights, off-road lights, general wiring and anti-theft devices.
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CF Official Rules

Family Friendly
1. We are a family forum and would like to keep it that way. Respect yourself as well as others. We do not tolerate threats and/or harassment. Cursing in the open forum areas is not allowed in any form.

2. There will be NO nudity of any kind. This rule will result in instant deletion of post/thread and possibly further specific user punishment.

3. We have a censor in working order so use it. DO NOT get around the words that have been censored by using other characters such as 1 etc. When posting simply type in all the words that you wish to say and if they come up with asterisks then just let them be.

Locked/Deleted/Edited Posts
4. If a moderator has altered a post/thread that you have made DO NOT publicly talk about it. If you have a question regarding a decision that has been made either PM myself or a member of the moderator team and it will be addressed. However once a decision has been made it is final.

Illegal Activity
5. Do not talk about illegal activity on this forum. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: illegal drugs, wheeling, parties, and Internet use. CherokeeForum site staff will have the final word on threads and posts of this nature. Violators of this rule will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

6. Do not ask about becoming a moderator. Moderators will be hand picked and then voted upon by the administration of CF. If you ask to become one you will be remembered and left out of any future moderator voting.

Help Keeping The Forum Clean
7. Help us moderate CF by using the report post button. Use this button if you find a violation of any of CF's rules, please leave a short description of what has been violated to help the administration keep CF running smoothly.

8. Do not pad or spam post. This includes posting continuous one word responses that do not pertain to the subject at hand. This also includes excessive advertising through out CF. No bumping of threads are allowed, this is considered as padding.

We will be editing these rules as time goes on and we feel more or less needs to happen with CF. We thank you for your understanding and we also encourage all to post in the suggestions section of CF with questions regarding our rules.

Copy Righted Material
9. You may only post material and content that you own. Posting copyrighted material, trademarks, and other violations of the DMCA is prohibited. Forum members may not post material that they do not have the right to redistribute. This includes material for which the copyright holder has not granted permission or a license. This does NOT include Fair Use educational purposes, such as sharing manuals, schematics, diagrams, photos, or drawings in a not-for-profit manner to assist other members. Members must determine whether their post complies with applicable copyright law. Cherokee Forum will address complaints made under the DMCA as required.

Vendor Rules
10. Vendors are allowed to post their specials in the Vendor Showcase section of the site and ONLY in this section. Any other solicitations or advertisements outside of this section will be deleted. Vendors are encouraged to post in all sections as long as their posts are appropriate, on topic and are helpful to other members.

Emissions Deletes
11. Modifications to factory-installed emissions equipment are not necessarily condoned or endorsed by CherokeeForum. Occasionally, alterations to the original configuration may be required or appropriate in certain situations, including, but not limited to, a repower or off-highway use.

12. Any vehicle modifications and repairs are performed at your own risk. Information presented on this website is contributed by the community members, and CherokeeForum makes no guarantees whatsoever that information shared will be safe or comply with applicable legislation. You are responsible for determining whether a modification to your vehicle is safe and complies with relevant laws in your area. CherokeeForum and its members will not be held liable in the event of citations, failed vehicle inspections, damage, etc.

Topics we do not allow are Religious and Political discussions. These topic general do not turn out well therefore we can not allow them to be discussed. There are plenty of forums available for such topics. Thank you for your understanding.

**Please Note**
Posting on this site is a privilege not a right. As such your privilege to post on this site could be revoked at the sole discretion of the site staff.

These rules are basic guidelines and as such enforcement and interpretation is solely up to the site staff.
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