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altrocker1 08-16-2016 01:08 PM

Stroker Parts Western NY 4.6 L we are moving. I really just need to get rid of this stuff, so parting it out is about the only option...

12 counterweight 4.2 crank with matching clevite bearings...crank has been machined and is ready to use. the bearings are sized accordingly. $350 plus shipping.

set of Icon Keith Black forged IC944 pistons and Mahle Rings $400 plus shipping

Jones Racing Cams custom ground camshaft. Set up for 99+ blocks (they have a different retainer) would work with a stock jeep as well. I can send the cam specs, but I don't have them handy $150 plus shipping. Can include cam bearings for a little extra

Brand new EQ 0331 Aftermarket head with springs and valves $350 plus shipping. MUCH thicker in critical areas that crack in oem heads

Machined set of 4.0 rods from a 2000...$50 for all 6

ARP rod bolt set $75 shipped

Have gaskets, oil pump, and other goodies that i can sell too.

If you want a COMPLETE engine build kit minus lifters, pushrods and rocker arms I can sell everything for $1350 without the head or $1600 with the head. I need this stuff gone I don't want to pack it in a moving truck

make offers...don't be dumb. This is well over $2500 in parts all together. It will be a hell of an engine when assembled, or grab parts you need for your build. Willing to make a good deal for someone who comes and picks it up

altrocker1 08-16-2016 01:15 PM

also emailing me at [email protected] will get a much faster reply...

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