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iamajeep 02-18-2012 04:07 PM

How to install a fire extinguisher in your boot....
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It's a pure coincidence that my first ever mod to my XJ is to add a fire extinguisher! I just seen one today and had to buy it. This might seem really simple to some people, it is easy, but I thought well maybe not everyone is all that gung ho with drilling their Jeep or diving in so maybe this is a good starting point.

What you need:
  • Two small nuts and bolts about an inch in length (depends on your extinguisher bracket)
  • Four washers to match.
  • Marker Pen.
  • Screw Gun and Drill bit to match your bolt (just slightly smaller so it's tight)
  • Screw Driver to remove interior (Star,Phillips)
  • Small fire extinguisher with mounting bracket.
  • Torch, Hat and a Snow Shovel (if your also doing this in snow in the dark at minus something)
  1. Carefully remove the screws holding in the chosen panel for your fitting.
  2. If you wish just remove enough to get your hand in behind.
  3. Peel back the fire material behind to that you can get your hand in when it's holding a small washer or bolt (clenched)
  4. Using the bracket find a good placment and using a marker pen, carefully mark two dots on the plastic interior that match the holes in the bracket.
  5. Check it''s level vertically, or it'll look worse once it has a big red thing at an off angle.
  6. Drill holes at the chosen marker points.
  7. Put one washer on the bolt, bolt through the bracket, bracket and bolt into plastic interior.
  8. Now pull back the panel and put a washer on behind, then the bolt to fix it.
  9. Tighten just a little, not fully.
  10. Now move the bracket to position two and repeat, bolt then washer, into bracket and then washer and then bolt, and tighten.
  11. Tighten both bolts.
  12. Put your interior panel back on and now insert the fire extinguisher into it's new secure holder, and we're ready for some flames!

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