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DynoGuy 09-28-2015 07:39 PM

The same old 95XJ build.
So last fall I got rid of a '12 JK for a Focus but still wanted to have something to play with. I found a 95 XJ in County trim, 4.0 auto with 230k miles for 3500. It had lunchbox lockers frt. & rear(D30/8.25), 3" lift, frt winch bumper & rear Warn w/carrier bumper, riding on 33's.
Here it is after I picked it up.

I found a little more rust than I originally thought it had, so during the Christmas break I repaired the pass floor and did a 2x6 rocker.

Finished product.

So after a couple of broken frt axle shaft, I've decided to make it a little more Mike proof.
The plan.
6.0 LS /6L80E
14" coilovers all around
3-link frt
Double tri 4-link rear
37's w/beadlocks.
Full interior cage w/frt tube doors.
As far as axles go I haven't quite finalized those yet (waiting on a buddy on what he wants for a Hi-9 setup )

Picked up a new welder.

Reperposed a tool cart to hold the Mig & Tig welders.

Everyone needs to have a fab table.

DynoGuy 09-28-2015 08:25 PM

Bought a MB105 bender and did a air over hydraulic conversion.

Got a copy of Bend Tech software.

Gut the interior.

Cleaning out the engine compartment.

A & B pillar started.

As tight as I could get it with my limited ability (I'm an engine guy by trade ).

DynoGuy 09-28-2015 08:34 PM

Oh no something fell off.

Set up a D30 JK housing I had laying around. Set for a 3" stretch and for ride height.

Looking for 4" of up travel. The width of JK axles will be the minimum I will install so that should be good. I should have a bare mock up LS block later this week.

guinelle1 09-28-2015 08:54 PM

bends are good!! way better then mine.. how big is that table top? i need to build one real bad..

DynoGuy 09-28-2015 09:00 PM

4'4'x.250" (32" high). 2x3 box tube with casters on all corners.

DynoGuy 10-19-2015 06:54 PM

Getting some prep work done on the main frame rails & RuffStuff frame stiffeners. Found a 6.0 LS & 4L60 out of 2000 Chevy with wiring harness & ECU. Now to sell a couple of things and get it here.

DynoGuy 10-20-2015 02:39 PM

RuffStuff frame stiffeners.

2"3"0.188"74 1/2" main frame rails, these will slide into the existing stock uni-rails & form the basis for the chassis.

DynoGuy 10-20-2015 08:45 PM

Got drivers side frame rail tacked in. Moving on to the other side tomorrow. Then I think I'm going to build a set of hi-stands to be able to finish weld the rails in a more comfortable position, my core isn't what it once was.

DynoGuy 10-21-2015 08:43 PM

Main frame rails in.

dans98xj 10-22-2015 03:28 PM

Awesome build so far. Are you going to graft the nose back on after the engine and trans install or are you going to leave it more of an buggy style. :thumbup: :head:

DynoGuy 10-23-2015 04:07 AM

Dan, I will have the fenders & hood back on but it'll be just a tube front end.

dans98xj 10-23-2015 07:36 AM

Originally Posted by DynoGuy (Post 3160521)
Dan, I will have the fenders & hood back on but it'll be just a tube front end.

Sweet can't wait to see it done. Thanks


DynoGuy 11-08-2015 07:28 PM

Starting the rear bumper.
Laying it all out.
Test fitting.

Waiting on UPS to deliver the RuffStuff 2"receiver to finish it up. The reason it's so wide is I plan on having rear tube fenders attach to it.

DynoGuy 11-13-2015 07:45 PM

Little more work on the rear bumper.

I'll try & finish it up tomorrow.

zrace 11-13-2015 08:17 PM

This is awesome

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