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mprmnc 09-04-2012 09:41 PM

Rough Country XJ winch bumper installed
I know I was here a while back and there were a few people interested in seeing more Cherokees with the new Rough Country Bumper. I was going to fabricate one because none of the ones I found were quite what I wanted. I tossed it around for a while and finally made the decision to buy one. I am VERY impressed. One of the biggest reasons I bought one was the fact that the winch is recessed into the bumper, a design I very much prefer. No winch blocking airflow and just hanging out in the open. I wasn't initially crazy about the bolt on D-ring mounts and grille guard, but the D-ring mounts seem fine now that I have them on. I don't like the light bar and HATE the stinger, but having the holes already there allow me to design my own grille guard and bolt it on making it easy to remove the grille if I need to (without having to remove the whole dang bumper.)

I was a bit worried about the number of bolts required to bolt the thing together, but EVERY bolt hole in the bumper and brackets lined up perfectly. I needed to make some small adjustments to get in on my Cherokee, but only because my Jeep has been wrecked in the front twice. For anyone wanting this bumper and wanting to know how it's made and the quality, they are FIRST RATE!!! Here are a few pics.

You can see in the first pic the bumper on my truck that I fabricated.

I'll come back after I've built the grille guard and light mounts and update.

Atmos 09-04-2012 09:56 PM

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