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Sodster 01-12-2016 07:08 AM

Project Lumbago
Hi guys!
I finally got myself my very first Jeep. Only driven it a couple of days but I'm truly sold on this car! Drives great although there are a couple of issues. It's a 95 with 230000 km so it should have issues right?!

Here it is in my garage space I share with some friends.

Plan is to build bumpers, ad a winch, lift it and so on but first I had to solve an issue. Mr Lumbago (or is it Mrs?) sometimes refuses to start when warm.
The web points its finger at either the ignition coil or the crank position sensor so I bought both (yup, throwing parts at the problem!).
Found the codes and that said "Cam Angle Sensor" which is a sensor Mr (Mrs) Lumbago doesn't have...
I then ripped out the half dead alarm system.

The install of this system was a work of art performed by someone with all letter combinations probably on the run from an institution somewhere north! What a nest!

After the debris cleared Lumbago started right up! Can't wait to start moddin, fabricating and what not!

Back as soon as I have some news.

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