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oIIIIIIIo 10-24-2015 09:37 PM

oIIIIIIIo progress thread.

Just purchased a 1998 XJ from a retired FL couple. 128k miles. AW4. Dana 30 with Dana 35 :thumbdown:

My idea behind my build is a DD that is capable of moderate off roading.

I've only had the jeep for a week and this are the things that I have noticed that need to be replaced/fixed.

-Gas gauge is about 1/8th off (found out the hard way)
-Cat has a bad rattle
-Trans fluid/filter needs to be replaced.
-Coolant needs to be flushed and replaced
-There is a leak around transmission and transfer case that needs to be diagnosed and fixed.
-Door locks are finicky
-Passenger window switch doesn't work most of the time.
-Headliner needs replaced
-Hydraulic hatch shocks need replaced.
-Radio is mostly static.

Other then that the xj is awesome and really clean.

First thing is a in depth tune up.

-Engine oil/filter and air filter.
-Valve cover (Said he changed it but who knows.)
-Coolant flush with new water pump and thermostat.
- Distributor cap, rotors, wires, and spark plugs
-Fuel pump (Fix gas gauge problem.)
-Transmission filter and flush. (Poor mans flush)
-Trans case fluid change
-Replace sensors that are common to fail. MAP, CPS, TPS, IAC.
-Fumoto oil valve
-New Shocks for hatch.

Alternator replaced yesterday after giving out. Had to replace on the side of the road 2 hours from my house. Not fun.

Anyways, is there anything else that I should address or not bother with until I have problems with it?

Want to do list:
-Front locker
-Dana 44 rear or (8.25) with locker of some sort. Haven't decided yet.
-Some larger all terrains.
-Rear sway bar delete
-Quick disconnects for front
-Skid plates
-Suspension upgrade maybe small lift 2-3"
-Bumpers, winch, tire carrier, etc.

I want to make it the most capable off road before I decide to lift.

Any advice would be appreciated. Good to be part of the forum.

oIIIIIIIo 10-25-2015 07:35 PM

Went to the salvage yard today to see if I could find anything worth pulling. Ended up coming home with this.

8.25 29 spline (assuming) out of a 1998 2wd xj. And a hitch. I need one for work so this will do until I get a rear bumper with a receiver.

I still need a new shorter drive shaft. Will also probably do a disc conversion/regear/locker/ diff cover before I put it in my xj.

Does anybody know what this rubber plug is at the bottom of the differential cover? I've been trying to find what it is but I cant seem find an answer. Assuming its drain plug. Just haven't seen it on any other 8.25.

More pictures!! Next to my class b coachmen.

93_xjcherokee 10-26-2015 12:14 AM

What's wrong with a Dana 35? Especially On a stock jeep

oIIIIIIIo 10-26-2015 12:44 AM

Originally Posted by 93_xjcherokee (Post 3161684)
What's wrong with a Dana 35? Especially On a stock jeep

Nothing wrong with it. Just would rather have a solid foundation to build upon instead of knowing that I have a obvious weak link.

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