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WEgotYOURrockS 07-19-2012 11:10 PM

My 2001 XJ build.
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Its not all my build, we bought it mostly done, Now to decide on what I'm going to do to it from here. I dont think im going to do too much(too much meaning Doubt I will ever put anything bigger then 35 on it, Currently has 33's) as it is now a daily driver. It takes me the .7 miles to work and back every day... ;)
Today I just replaced the power steering lines due to a leak. Should have done it a while ago, but i read about upgrading it to a dodge durango pump...but decided not to. after 3 weeks.

I did buy the headlight upgrade that has been recommended, I have the parts just need to get it done.

What I do know about this baby.

#1- First off I am watching for axle upgrades, but currently with this setup it has ARB Air Lockers in front and back. And due to funds and having to change everything out. If I do I am going to do it best. I like the ARB lockers... but is anyone has recommendations I'm open to hear them.

#2 I know it has woody shafts, Because I had one that had a bad squeek, and I broke it taking it out. The shop in town fixed it, but when I was paying for it he said "you should have just bought one with the proper angle, It would have cost you just a bit more then what we charged you to fix it" Ba-da....WHAT!!!
He also mentioned something about the front ends on the 2000 and 2001 having been done diferently then the 99 and if I ever change anything I should watch for a front end off a 99. Can anyone feel me in on this a bit more.

During our last outing we broke the weld on the tail pipe and it now bangs on every little bump...This is my new first fix.

also the mounting for the compressor is broke, another fix...

I also am planning to add Rock Rails. The under-seat mount for the highboy lift, (I already mounted some Hooks to tie down my kiddos car-seats as the seat-belts don't lock after you pull them out all the way so the seats just flopped around like a rag doll. But now my kiddos are safe and that's what matters. Plus Jeeping puts my kids to sleep.

We will see what happens as far as lighting goes after I do the upgrade, weather or not I will be adding more such as a light bar etc.

Just curious, Maybe I need to do some looking in the forums, What do you pack with you when you are jeeping?
NOW after a few outings i decided that it would be smart to take my tool box a few rubber hoses I had laying around some clamps (because we split a brake line once and had nothing not even chewing gum) Speaking of no brakes This Jeep has also been geared and thanks for the Low gear it kept us at 2mph so we could survive using our breaks as little as possible to get down...
duct tape

Also, i did notice that someone put truck liner under the wheel wells, is that common? This jeep only has 60k original miles, so I figured it was a extra precaution or something...

Here she is. if you see something I missed let me know. (not all sure what has been done to this before we got her)
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Attachment 366271

Attachment 366272

Here is my buddy.
Attachment 366273

Here are a few pictures of my engine.
Slight left view
Attachment 366274

Slight Right View
Attachment 366275

Closer View (Im not sure if the engine has ever been worked on... So i am looking for an engine to rebuild in my garage for when the time comes... Defiantly been looking into strokers.
Attachment 366276

Close view Number 2

Now the front end. When I take off from a stop and the front end lifts when pushing the gas I hear a Popping noise.. any Ideas what that might be?

I think it might have the death wobble but im not sure at the moment, I need to get my tires checked out. I know that when I hit a pot hole once that I really had the wobble so I tightened everything and might need to do it again.

Attachment 366277

Front Left

Front right, Does my Pitman look off to anyone?

And the rear Axle.
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Moparboy01 07-20-2012 01:21 AM

Looks good. Welcome to the XJ community.

As for the front end stuff, like the squeaks and possible DW (death wobble) I would look at a few things.

Bushing- like control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, stuff like that.
Tie rod ends
Steering stabilizer, that one looks a bit beat up
Shocks, maybe replace them with a better quality shock, Bilsteins or Rubicon Express
Ball joints, check those out as well. I dealt with DW on my old trail ZJ and after pretty much replacing everything on the axle, found out that my top ball joints on each side were shot. It was one of those DUH moments.

I would also look into maybe upgrading that steering, for what it looks like, it's stock. I use Iron rock offroad's over the knuckle system and have had zero complaints. Though many guys on here dislike IRO, lol.

I wouldn't go too deep into upgrading the axles, it came with lockers and you have two very good axles, run them til you break something, that's how I look at it.

Just worry about getting that thing driving correctly til you go dumpin money into upgrades.

That's just what I would do. Sure there are a few guys on here that will shed some light on other things.

WEgotYOURrockS 07-20-2012 10:57 AM

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Thanks for looking,

Here is some more info.

It does have the SYE. and
As far as the High pinion low pinion, would... If and when I find one, an axle would the swap be enough. ie dana 44 or would i have to change anything else out as well?

Not entirely sure what they are geared to, I know that in 4 low it will keep me under 3mph on a steep downward slope. but i can also do highway speeds pretty good as well.

As far as the death wobble, Yeah I know i have it/had it really bad once...
that's when I tightened everything and it has never been as bad, but now it is time for upgrades.

Now here is some more newbie-NESS. questions

When I upgrade these items do I need to get something that will fit my lift. or do all these items stay/have the same standard size? Will I need to compensate for the LIFT? And if i ever do upgrade the axel d44 will the upgrades work with that setup or will they have to be changed out per axle type

Tie Rod
Tie Rod ends??
Track Bar
Drag Link
Control arms
Upgrade the sway-bar
Steering stabilizer

I am a desk guy, but I am determined to be the only wrench on this jeep. amap

P.s. when I replaced my Power steering hose, the old fluid looked like mud, not clear like the new stuff, Changing this made a noticeable difference in the steering.

My goal is to Make this BOMB PROOF
with where it currently stands, I don't plan on bigger tires or anything.
The axle upgrade im am talking about is the Low pinion to the High pinion. so it doesn't have such a bad angle. and at the end of the day get my family home.

another pic
Attachment 366235

WEgotYOURrockS 07-21-2012 01:16 AM

I got the receipts out.
Here is more info on what has been done...
I may be unclear on a few things here, so after 10 years I need to update a few things.

Most of this was done back in 2001 shortly after purchase.
Alot of it is just numbers but its a start.

#1 Skyjacker softride rock ready 6" coil springs 89-c
#2 Skyjacker softride rock ready 5" leaf springs 84-c
#3 Skyjacker softride rock ready 6" double flex lift kit
#4 Skyjacker softride rock ready 6" lift kit
#5 Skyjacker hydro series shock absorber
#6 Skyjacker SYE kit
#7 Custom CV driveshaft
#8 Teralow 4.0.1 21 spline and/or 23 spline
#9 Garvin roof rack
#10 warn HS9500I winch
#11 ARB Dana 35 3:54 & up air locker
#12 ARB dana 30 3.54 down
#13 ARB compressor
#14 M.I.T NV242 transfer case short shaft conversion kit
#15 custom rear driveshaft

in 2005
replaced heim joints
and large rubber mod end Lh & Rh ...???
also large sperical Rod end LH & RH

mods from Feb of 2009
#16 Tom Woods Shaft 242 & TL242 SYE

From what you see here what do you like/not like what would you change/upgrade?

XJABUSER 07-21-2012 01:22 PM

Good looking xj

WEgotYOURrockS 07-21-2012 11:13 PM

Today, I did the Headlight upgrade... Love it.:shuriken: no more sneaking up on people.

After we did that. as I was backing out of the garage i noticed a slight popping noise. I stopped the jeep and when the wheel is turned back and forth maybe 1/8th turns it just pops.

I got out and had my brother turn it back and forth as i listened trying to find it... but when i checked out the steering box it sounded like it was coming from inside the jeep.
but on the top side it sounded like it was coming from down below...

Any thoughts what that might be? My guess is steering box.
(Note, I just replaced the pressured hose on the power steering due to a pin size hole=leak)

WEgotYOURrockS 07-22-2012 11:26 AM

I went out last night and grabbed the pitman arm and I was able to wiggle it and now I believe that is the culprit. We will check it out today.

AeroSynch 07-22-2012 11:33 AM

Do you have an over the axle track bar bracket? Because to me it looks like the track bar is placed where the steering stabilizer should go, and that's no good.

fathan16 07-22-2012 11:45 AM

Originally Posted by WEgotYOURrockS (Post 1910998)
I went out last night and grabbed the pitman arm and I was able to wiggle it and now I believe that is the culprit. We will check it out today.

if the pitman arm wiggles left and right just slightly it's probably a bad tie rod end. upgrade that steering!!!

WEgotYOURrockS 07-22-2012 12:28 PM

It is definatly the track bar. It is so much easier to check when i have someone to help.

When I pull on it the popping goes away.

Is the steering upgrade something someone with no welding skills can accomplish?

WEgotYOURrockS 07-22-2012 12:39 PM

Originally Posted by AeroSynch (Post 1911009)
Do you have an over the axle track bar bracket? Because to me it looks like the track bar is placed where the steering stabilizer should go, and that's no good.

Sadly, im not sure, I have been looking and looking and reading and reading.

I need to start looking at pictures of the differences. From what I gather it is over the axle.

I can get more pictures if needed.

AeroSynch 07-22-2012 01:58 PM

If you can, get some of the axle side of the track bar.

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