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morris.ja 12-29-2011 09:23 AM

My 2000 Limited 4x4 Build
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Hey Guys!

This is my first post but I've been reading this forum a lot lately: trying to learn how to do more stuff on my own to my jeep.

A little background:
- Recent college grad living in Boston, MA
- Always been a huge fan of Cherokees
- I know absolutely NOTHING about car maintenance/auto repair

Anyway, I bought this Cherokee in October as my DD (sorry Polar Bears, I recycle, I promise!) and plan to make mods as I go (aka as I can afford them.)

Here she is on day one:
More & better pictures to come, I promise! (Haven't done much to her yet though...

Here is my long-term plan as of today:
1.) Sand off rust on hood and roof and cover with primer before snowfall (rust bubbles all over!)
2.) Full body paint job (done myself - scary, but fun learning experience!)
- Matte black with bright red decals and front grille
3.) New wheels and tires (Any suggestions on how big I can go without a lift and not impairing the turning?)
4.) New exhaust (I've heard this may help my abysmal MPG?)

I'd love any advice feedback! And thanks for all the amazing advice on this forum!


TenECXJ 12-29-2011 09:36 AM

Good looking rig to start with. As far as tire size without a lift or affecting turning radius. . . You can run 31X10.50's on the stock wheels without doing anything. You may only get a little rubbing on the rear fender wells with people in the back seat over bumps. Street driven only. If you plan on wheeling it, I'd save my money, buy a lift, and bigger tires. You'll definitely get hooked. Good luck.:thumbup1:

morris.ja 12-29-2011 09:42 AM

Thanks man! Yeah - a lift is probably #5 on the list. And would definitely like to get into wheeling, but am a bit shy of using my DD (from what I've read, things tend to break a lot) so perhaps once I can afford a better DD, I can take this out for wheeling.

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