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4DoorWheeler 10-07-2012 12:10 AM

99 XJ Build
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there is deffinetly a lot going on here on CF. im definetly not used to the amount of members and posts compared to some of the other forums i currently use. but anyway, i bought this 99 sport about a year ago. 4.0, aw4, 4x4, d30 hp, and 8.25. i got it bone stock from a dealer for a farely decent price. about 160K miles. ran great, everything was in place. p/o had always mantained it regulary and kept me a little log under the hood of the dates parts were replaced. it got a new cooling system in 09, and some other misc. stuff. heres when i picked it up.

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i had some fun with it stock but after a couple weeks i decided to lift this pretty little cherokee. i picked up a 3 inch rough country lift. with fixed lcas, sway bar drops, coils and an aal. not the best but for the price its whatever. i also picked up some 31" kuhmo kl71's. 31x10.5x15. i got them mounted on ultra 164's. they were a nice little rim/tire set up.

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i love 3 inches with 31's on clean cherokees, but it didnt stay so clean for long. i started to get comfortable with it and start braking stuff and that little dent on the hatch was the first ever trail damage on this thing. my plans for this were never for it to be what it is now. i was going to keep it clean and use it as a dd. but obviously plans change and it all part of the addiction that keeps all jeepers going. after a while i trimmed up the fenders, removed all the plastic ****, and gave it some more scratches and dents. went with a straight pipe. and throttle body spacer.

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after awhile, i started not caring about this once perty little jeep. it became a designated woods beater. drove it around with a bunch of broken parts and then one day i said, " hey. why dont i bring this thing back to life," then the parts list came out. 4 new wheel bearings, new alternator, new brakes, cps, cleaned the valves up, replaced the gasket, changed the broken windows i had, replaced the broken lights, new shocks, plugs and wires and much more. then came the plan to go a little bigger. brought it out one last time on 3" and 31s. and then began to pick up some parts.

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i picked up a set of leafs off another cherokee, not very saggy, and some coil spacers. i made a bastard pack, with my existing leafs and a new aal. and also threw in some two inch blocks, shimmed 3*. gained about 6" of lift. then threw the coil spacers up front for 5". removed the swaybars and that junk. and drove it around on 31's for a few days. then i came across a deal on some boggers, so i swapped them.

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so this is how it sits as off now. still on 3.55's and open diffs. my plans for this in the future are some lockers, regearing**, and some bumpers. shes a beater, but its my beater. i will make new posts detailed, with all steps off upgrades now that i am up to date.

slowmotionXJ 10-07-2012 12:38 PM

nice lookin jeep man love the 3in with 31s they just fit real nice.

4DoorWheeler 10-07-2012 11:17 PM

Originally Posted by slowmotionXJ (Post 2064072)
nice lookin jeep man love the 3in with 31s they just fit real nice.

thanks bud, i kinda wish i didnt go bigger. but it doesnt mean i cant go back

4DoorWheeler 10-19-2012 10:23 PM

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not very much going on lately, money has been tight. replaced a headlight bezel, threw in some sony 5x9 door speakers, did an oil change and threw in a gold filter, yadayada, nothing important. going to do some new front wheel bearings soon, one is starting to click....thanks for the 5th set of bearings for freee advanced auto! also. i noticed a little valve tap with the cold weather we have been having in jersey the past week. probably gonna clean up the valves soon.

future/soon plans:
dif fluid change
welded spider gears
tranny cooler
beefy trailblazer front bumper
cowl intake
new downpipe

and not gonna post without at least a poser shot.Attachment 357805

im going to try to take pics while working in progress, but its kinda hard without a smart phone/camera

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