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  1. Ironside93
    01-14-2017 12:48 AM - permalink
    Ok so I will also tell you what he (the owner) told me as well as what I noticed: the owner said he's only had to do/done new spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor, oil changes, and the rotor, I noticed though he indirectly said he hasn't cleaned the air filter because he said it might be dirty, and it was rather hesitant on throttle response, idk if it's because of the power difference between the 1990 and the 93 or something else. Btw nice job with your website I love the way you have it laid out and properly coded!
  2. Ironside93
    01-12-2017 04:54 PM - permalink
    i would do that now... but i am getting another cherokee (surprise right) its going to be the replacement for my 1994 chevy, it is probably the most cleanest xj i've seen in my area its a 1990 with the renix motor, the only thing that is bothering me is that when i had it idling it was chugging like it was about to stall out, any ideas?
  3. stardust22
    12-30-2016 02:24 PM - permalink

    Wondering if you could visit my thread:

    I was hoping you would have some information to contribute.

  4. Ironside93
    12-28-2016 06:26 PM - permalink
    How would I calculate that? Just add the total amps being drawn and compare that to the output? As I am sure you have seen, I wanna run a few lights on the old jeep....
  5. cruiser54
    12-28-2016 07:59 AM - permalink
    The front clip swap is super easy.
    The fusebox isn't the issue with the alternator output. The amp load the alternator will see as a result is. That needs to be calculated.
  6. Ironside93
    12-27-2016 11:35 PM - permalink
    Ok so I have the Ironside project rn, and haven't really even scratched the surface for what needs to be done, do you know or have some tips for doing a header panel swap, along with the front fenders? Also do you think I could run a second fuse box on the current factory alternator or would it be too much for it? Thank you for your time and help. Also any tips in general would be appreciated immensely
  7. cruiser54
    12-26-2016 06:21 PM - permalink
    Hello. Whatcha got?
  8. Ironside93
    12-22-2016 05:22 PM - permalink
    Hey cruiser54, I have a few questions that I was wondering if you could answer for me. Also wanted to say hello!
  9. cruiser54
    12-19-2016 07:56 AM - permalink
    Sure sounds like it could be the converter. I'm not sure on the interchangeability between 88 and 99 though.
  10. knever3
    12-18-2016 05:25 PM - permalink

    I have a problem I posted on here and wanted to know what you think.

    I have a '99 Cherokee with 245k on the clock and I think my torque converter needs to be replaced. At idle the whole truck shakes like it's a cylinder down. I pulled one spark plug wire at a time and all the cylinders are firing. There is no CEL code. The truck shakes like there is a weight missing on the torque converter or flywheel badly until the torque converter lockup occurs. When the converter locks up (around 45mph) the shake goes away completely like nothing happened.

    Does this sound like a torque converter? If so I have an '88 AW4 I can rob it from if they are the same.

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