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Default Transmission Cooler Lines

Hey guys - trying to replace my transmission cooler lines - the DAPO decided to cut & fail to re-join them properly - presumably when he repaired (badly) the front end impact damage he failed to mention in the for sale ad...

Anyways - figured out most of it - except how to remove the cooler lines from the side of the transmission itself - for the life of me I cannot figure out how the fitting comes undone. I have a haynes 'book of lies' but it is absolutely useless.

Any easy tips? - this Jeep is turning into a nightmare as it is - and I have plenty more work to get done before I need it to take me to work on monday am - its nearly 10pm here and I'm about to get under it again for a few hours.


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Ahhh, nothing like them DAPO there?

Are you planning on replacing the entire line?

How BAD was the DAPO's repair?
Perhaps a few lengths of HD hose and a few hose clamps.

The trans cooler lines can be a PITA to remove from trans.
I do not know HOW they are removed, just heard alot of others talking about them and how hard they are to keep sealed.
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Yeah I am replacing the whole line - the return line is ok but the 'out' line is leaking from the 'join' like a crazy *&*$^%.

I have a new bigger trans cooler kit - but at the moment I just want to stop leaking fluid. It can wait - but I suspect some of the clips & hose will come in handy. I'm having enough fun trying to separate the trans dipstick tube so I can change the filter while I'm under there.

The rest of the front end - bent brackets, missing & incorrect bolts, bent trans cooler, more missing & incorrect bolts, leaking radiator, bolts replaced with cable ties (!), cracked plastics - the parts that are ok all have scrapyard tags on them...

Its the little things - like finding your airbox is cracked and the guy tried to repair it with scotchtape... your radiator is held in place across the top by one bolt - he sheared the rest...

Its getting to the point I dread turning a wrench on this thing - every time I do I find something else to fix. parts here in England are more than double what you pay in the US...

Tell you what though - I love my Jeep!

Anyway back on topic - anyone got any advice on the junction of the line to transmission?


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The factory trans cooler is a pain in the *** to deal with and the stock trany cooler line setup is ignorant..I have mine patched atm till I can go have some good lines made locally..Also getting a bigger tranny cooler and may use this one as an oil cooler or power steering cooler..
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