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Default Tail Light sockets

Just replaced the tail lights on my 99 XJ with a set of Aftermarket ones, and upon removing the passenger tail light, found that the previous owner had replaced the bulbs at some point, and when reinstalling the sockets, used some rubber gasket or sealant on the socket before twisting it in to the tail light housing, in place of the factory gasket/bushing/anti-rattle washer that is normally there. Needless to say, the rubber or sealant melted in the hot weather we've been having, and turned to tar.

In trying to clean the tar off the sockets, I broke the clips in both the reverse light and turn signal / running light sockets, both 2 wire plugs, with different types of "retainers" on them to hold them in to the housing.

I spoke with our local Chrysler/Jeep dealership today, and they had no luck tracing down just the sockets, instead requiring me to purchase a wiring harness, although I didnt find out how much of a harness it is, or how far into the XJ it goes.

Also had no luck with Napa, after digging through all of their Wiring/Socket books, nothing that lists for Jeep in the years or styles that I need, or in Chrysler/Dodge for that matter.

So looking to see if anyone has any part numbers, either Chrysler or Aftermarket #'s, or anything that will work in place of the factory sockets.

The numbers I did pull off of my sockets, that didn't seem to be able to be crossed anywhere, are:

95023L 16
95023L 25
95023L 10

These were the numbers stamped into the sockets themselves.

(The one Dodge application I found at Napa had the same 90523L on it, followed by a 12 I believe?)

Also, two of the sockets had the numbers stamped on them in white:

8160 1 (The 1 was below the 8160) and 7342 3 (The 3 was below the 7342), also no good as numbers to cross through Napa or Chrysler.

The top light, Parking/Brake, is a 3 wire socket
The middle light, Parking/Turn is a 2 wire socket
The bottom light, Reverse, is a 2 wire socket

So before I go start raiding the junkyards in hopes of finding the sockets I need, hoping to find someone who's been through this before!

Thanks in advance!
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Bumping and following up for anyone who has to go through this or has any info that they can pass on.

Did some more checking with the local Jeep dealership, tail light sockets are definitely only purchasable with the complete tail light assembly wiring harness, which is from the electrical connector that all 3 sockets are wired in to, that goes through the rubber grommet behind the tail light housing, to the sockets themselves. Retail on the harness was $139.00

Mopar Part# 56009770AB

I did manage to find the exact replacement for the reverse light socket from Carquest, and what I believe to be the replacement for the brake / park light, both ordered and should be in my hands come Tuesday. The only difference I can see between the top socket in the tail light, (Park/Brake), and the middle socket, (Turn), is that the top is a 3 wire, the middle is a 2 wire. Both use the same style "retainers" on them when they are plugged into the tail light housing and twisted to lock into place.

Since I am running the euro-style tail lights, I have a red lense for my turn signal now, instead of the factory amber, so I ordered the 3 wire socket for my turn light, and plan to wire it in so it also functions as a parking light.

Carquest Part# S770 - Reverse Light Socket (3057/3157 bulb)
- Confirmed to be the exact replacement for the factory socket
Carquest Part# S777 - Turn Signal Socket (3157 bulb)
- Hopefully the replacement for said socket, will confirm upon arrival
(These are old part numbers, but will cross/update to current)

Also I should state this is for the 97-01 Tail Light assembly, as it appears the earlier style tail lights have 4 lights/sockets.
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