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How to remove multifunction switch/turn signal switch?

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Default How to remove multifunction switch/turn signal switch?

My multifunction switch needs replacing in my 2000 xj, anyone know how or found a thread on how to remove it? Thanks!
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Make sure when you go to remove the cable from the column tilt lever, you have the lever all the way back so there is plenty of slack in the cable. The end that sits in the lever should just lift out.

The switch itself takes a little maneuvering to get in and out, but overall not to tough of a job.
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Funny but I just did this yesterday.
Well first you need torx head screw drivers. Then a 3/8 and 1/2 inch socket set in Metric. AND a gear puller or something like it. The steering wheel is on a splined shaft and unless your the Hulk it's tough to pull it off AFTER you've taken the nut off.
A good idea is to take the ground off the battery as you are messing with the airbag. Not fun if you set it off in your hands.
Now undo the two 8mm bolts that hold your airbag to the steering wheel. They are on the underside of wheel. Unplug airbag and horn and also the cruise if you have it. Put airbag aside where you aren't tempted to hit it with a tool or something.
Undo the 21mm nut holding wheel to shaft. Attach gear puller to steering wheel in the two threaded holes provided. I'm going to assume you know how to use one and the wheel is now sitting in the passenger seat.
The clock spring has two plastic prongs holding it to the switch. at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. pry them up and wiggle it off. GENTLY. Don't break the prongs. undo the wiring plugs or just let it hang.
Now take off the plastic shroud around column. It uses 3 Phillips head screws. 2 near the wheel and one down almost into the dash. Tilt column up to get at that one. Now you have access to your multi switch. Unplug wires and undo torx head screws. Don't forget tilt cable. It should now just lift off the column. Replace with new and bolt everything back up in reverse order. BE SURE to read directions on Clock spring. this is the way your turn signals are canceled after a turn and it you don't put it back on right it'll never work.
Another thing to remember is all of this stuff is fragile. You shouldn't need to hammer at anything under here unless you've had the entire jeep underwater.
Any questions?

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Will these instructions work without any changes for a pre-1996 (non-grand) Cherokee?
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Bringing back an oldie I know. Just wanted to let anyone know who's searching like I was. Don't do all that stuff in the 3rd post for 97-01. Follow the link in the 2nd post. What it doesn't tell you though is to remove the bezel around the radio and hvac controls. Then remove the panel below the column. Just 3 screws along the bottom edge. Then remove the front piece of the dash that surrounds the gauge cluster. The **** on the headlight switch will fit through it. Last remove cover around column that the switch is in. In that order is easiest. And I didn't need to disconnect the cable from the tilt lever. The smaller plug is unplugged easiest with a small flat blade screwdriver.

Hope this helps at least one person. And if you like your xj clean this would be a good time to clean in the normally hard to get places.
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